Another post from Gawker, this one on fake handbags

  1. Interesting article. I love this comparison:

    Purse-party ladies are the drug dealers of the counterfeit trade: they buy from the wholesalers and sell to suburban users, folks with a craving for the goods but not enough dough for the real thing. Like teenagers gathering at a friend's upper-middle-class home to buy a couple of joints with their allowance or babysitting money, suburban women converge in well appointed rooms for wine, hors d'oeuvres, gossip, and fake Vuitton or Gucci handbags. The women hosting these fetes will make a killing—they double their investment—and never declare it to the IRS. Take Virginia Topper, the wife of a lawyer in Long Island, New York. When she was busted in 2003, she had $60,000 in cash stashed in her underwear drawer and a Jaguar in the driveway.

    They think fakes are like crack...if only they knew how addicting the real thing is!
  2. Ugh. I honestly think those little "get togethers" are just plain straight-up trashy. I wonder if some of those wome know exactly what they're supporting by getting counterfeit handbags. I once read this article about how those purses are produced and it was just terrible.
  3. A friend of mine had one- she always has Lia Sophia and Partylite and similar parties so when she invited me, I was expecting it to be Beijo...... but nooooo. It was like buzzrds on roadkill !!! Awful !! And a greasy little man sitting in the corner raking in the cash. I left. Emptyhanded.
  4. What a great analogy!! I still don't see how this scummy fake purse store near me can blatantly advertise purse parties. It's disgusting! Believe me, I've tried everything to get them shut down....too lengthy to get into, but there is a thread on it from about a year ago. No one wants to do anything about it where I live, like the authorities. Okay.....rant over.
  5. Interesting article.

    But remind me never to post on that site. It sounds like quite a few people who made comments don't see anything wrong with fake bags!
  6. A few years ago my girlfriend went to a purse party and bought some of that crap. She actually thought she was getting real goods even though the stuff was obviously low quality. Some people are just naive.