Another possibly stupid question....

  1. When I bring Noisette for her spa treatment on Friday, do I bring her to the store in her sleeper? Stupid question, I know it's just that I've never done a spa treatment before so I don't know what should go with her.....cadena? Strap? Clochette? Everything?

  2. D, if it's one of the old sleepers, don't bring it. They will switch it with an orange one. Go without one, they will give you a new one anyway.
  3. Oh GOOD! But do I bring all the rest of the stuff????
  4. Not a stupid question D! Good info to know! Isn't that sweet they giver her a new sleeper too!
  5. Bring it. You can have it checked out.
  6. Thanks, HG!!!

    ugh.....anyone know how long I might be without my baby???
  7. It's totally up to you; I usually leave them as little as possible, in fact my SA takes things off (Tirette, Cadena ecc..) if they're not needed, and tells me to take them home, so now I know and only take the actual bag without anything else. I had to leave the Tirette with the blue Birkin because it has to be fixed aswell....
  8. ^^Shopmom - Not a "ST***" :upsidedown: ( can't say this word) Question!!

    I want to know too. This is all good!! Good Luck when you take her in and tell us how it went if you have time.:smile:
  9. i just bring the whole box with everythig in it. i even did that when i went to get my keys fixed. of course, my bag wasnt necessary but i took it with me anyway. and when my bag was embossed i left everything with Manuela and she didnt tell me to take anything home, although she did ask me if i wanted to take the box and just leave the bag and dustbag. im also curious as to how long these spa treatments take.
  10. I left everything also. I think the cadena will be polished. Manuela told me the lag time right now is one month.
  11. Great thread - what is the cost for a good cleaning? Does every boutiques do the cleaning themselves or like repair are they sent out?

    I love that you can get a new sleeper bag too.
  12. BH and NY do their own repairs, they actually have a Crafstman from Paris in the store. The lag time right now is one month and the cost is about $80 paid upon pick up. The $80 is for cleaning and conditioning without having to repair stitching although my clochette is being re-stitched and included in the $80 fee.
  13. as of a few weeks ago it as eight weeks in NYC!

    it was too funny -- claude was checking my two bags in and he kept saying "eight weeks, you know, eight weeks"
  14. That is an eternity!..this is why one "needs" more that one bag!...good excuse to a SO.;)
  15. I waited from early July until the following January for a repair to come back from Paris - all in all it wasn't so bad and when you get it back it's like xmas all over again. Suddenly out of the blue, you get a phone call and a French accent says I'm sending your bag back to you today!