Another Pony Hair Bag Opinion Question

  1. ...I read the thread about if a pony bag is worth it and i guess the general opinion is that they aren't worth it due to care and resale value.....


    i found a naturale color pony city on ebay and it comes with a matching coin was listed twice and the reserve was never met so i was offered a "second-chance" buy it now at


    so basically i want your opinions if I should go for it....I really do like it and come on....$517 for a city and a coin purse....

    :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

    heres the auction link:

    thanks in advance!:heart:
  2. $517??

    I say go for it!
  3. Grab it while you can...
  4. Go for it!
  5. Well yeah for that price it's worth it!! I think you should go for it too if you really want it. But don't get it if you are just buying it because it's a good price, because you could get another bag for a little more.
  6. hooray...i bought it! I'll take pics when it comes. I'm very excited that it come w the coin purse! :love:
  7. Yay BalenciagaPlaneT!! :yahoo: That's such an amazing deal!! Plus the pony hair coin purse, nice!!