Another poll! Saleya Pm Vs Neverfull


Which one?

  1. Saleya azur PM~ Youve waited for ages!

  2. Neverfull ~ Save some money!

  3. Get the saleya and wait for the damier neverfull!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Im so confused! Im going to LV today, my saleya finally came in but im loving the neverfull!
    Vote please!
    Saleya azur PM or Neverfull (in any size)
    Or do you think i should wait for the damier neverfull to come out? xx
    Thanks everyone I always appreciate your input! xx
  2. My vote goes towards the Saleya. I love the shape!

    I'm not really a fan of the Neverfull... :s
  3. If you can, get both. The more, the merrier. :p
  4. i vote for saleya azur pm :smile:. alternatively keep the saleya and wait for the damier neverfull -> i.e Keep the Saleya!!! :p
  5. I voted for Neverfull but not for saving money but 'coz I like it better.
  6. saleyas winning, please guys help! xx
  7. I voted for saleya. After seeing Jane's saleya, its gorgeous. let us know which you decide :smile:
  8. Saleya now, Neverfull later ;)
  9. Saleya :yes:
  10. I voted for the Neverfull I love this bag:heart:
  11. I like the saleya better, it can be casual or dressed up a bit. the neverfull seems strictly casual to me.....I say go for the saleya!!!
  12. saleya because you can zip it up. :yes:
  13. i love the saleya in azur!! it's gorgeous.. take the saleya!you've waited so long..
  14. I have the azur saleya pm and love it! You've waited so long for it, I vote that you get it and then get the damier neverfull in a larger size later.
  15. Well I had the salyea pm and now I have the neverfull pm and I like the neverfull much better! The straps are a little longer on the neverfull and it fits well on your shoulder and doesn't slip off. It's so roomy and the lining makes you smile everytime you look in it!

    (chanting) neverfull...neverfull...neverfull LOL!!