another poll: ink vs. greige

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which bbag should i keep in the family?

  1. ink purse

  2. greige twiggy

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. hi peeps, indecisive me is posting another poll. :p since i've decided to keep my anthracity, i may have to let go of my ink purse or greige twiggy. i love them both, which makes it difficult to part with either one. ideally, i'd like to keep both. i'm trying to find ways to do so, but i want to prepare myself in the case i could only keep one. :sad:

    your votes and feedback are much appreciated! :heart:

    (so sorry the modeling photos are dark...i didn't use flash)

    greige twiggy:



    ink purse:

  2. I am usually all for Ink anything but this time I voted Greige Twiggy. That Twiggy is absolutely yummy!!:drool:
  3. I love the Purse style and Ink so I voted for the Ink Purse:love:
  4. Please, you MUST find a way to keep both!!!! They are both stunning!!! :drool:
  5. Odd, you are so pretty! Okay, I voted for INK, but I'm changing it to greige. I love the twiggy and it looks beautiful in greige. It's also nice to have a light neutral bag. Since you're keeping the anthracite, sell the ink purse.
  6. Odd, please sell your Ink purse to me. Problem solved!

    Thank you! :yahoo:
  7. I agree!
  8. KEEP the Purse INK!!!
  9. Well, they both look great on you, but since you're keeping the anthracity I'd say keep the greige twiggy for the contrast.
  10. My thoughts exactly... greige twiggy!
  11. Definitely INK PURSE as it's a discontinued style and i love the INK color which has this purple tones on it....:smile:
  12. I say KEEP the Ink Purse!!!! But I do agree with cracker that since you have an Anthra bag it would be nice to have a lighter colored bag.
  13. I am not a fan of Purse style. They both look great on you and i agree with Cracker.:yes: I would definitely keep the Twiggy.:yahoo:
  14. Hopefully you won't have to let go of either one of them, but in case you'd have to....

    I vote for Greige Twiggy since you're keeping Anthracity as a dark colored bag, so keeping Greige would diversify your collection.
  15. I voted for twiggy, because of its tDF leather. Although I think they are both simply beautiful bags and very sought after.:nuts: