Another PNY Long Wallet - Dark Gold

  1. I found this beauty when I called Brendan at the Chanel on 57th, trying to find a black PNY for Val. I already have this same wallet in darkwhite and it became my favorite wallet immediately. Now I have it to match my reissue.:heart:
    darkgold pny wallet 001.jpg darkgold pny wallet 002.jpg darkgold pny wallet 006.jpg
  2. Oh, smooth, it's gorgeous. You did good girlfriend. That gold is striking. Thanks for sharing. I love all your pictures. And you are a true PF buddy!
  3. Oh man, you girls are making me want this wallet! It is a beauty!
  4. I really like this wallet. I have several Nordstrom rewards certificates and was planning to use them toward another pair of sunglasses but a wallet is looking more and more tempting.

    I really need a wallet that will hold a checkbook; I love long checkbook style wallets with a lot of credit card slots. A place for change is essential too. Is there a Chanel wallet that fits this description?
  5. That's nice Mon!!! I really like the color too :yes:
  6. oooooooooooo I love it!!!!! :love:
  7. This really is a goooorgeous wallet.
  8. :nuts: :heart: :drool: Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Love it, Mon!
  10. Congrats, Mon! It's such a beautiful color. I remember liking this wallet when Swanky got hers, and after seeing Coachwife's yesterday, I fell in love with it again and ordered one myself.:love:
  11. LOVE IT!!!!! That is my favorite wallet also, I want that color in the worst way also!! :heart: Congrats Mon!!
  12. it's so pretty! i really want a chanel wallet now! :love:
  13. congrats tammyd. Roey: I put my checkbook in the PNY just like Swanky did. Would have never thought about doing that until I saw Swanky's pictures. Sometimes, I just don't think very well. But that was the big thing for me. I have two checkbooks and I needed to consolidate.
  14. Mon, its gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. It's so beautiful!!! Love that color! Congrats!!