Another Pink Chanel, ID plzzzz

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  1. Hello,

    I have been bothering all my friends to hunt for my dreamy ideal pink bag, and she found this pic online, could somebody ID it plz ?

    Is is still available for sale ??
  2. I have no idea what style/model it is, but sure is cute!
  3. It's the wallet bag with chain straps. It's a common staple throughout each season. But color wise, I don't know. I see the black and white ones quite often. If I'm not mistake the price is $895, I THINK. I'm sure it's less than 1K
  4. ^she's right, it's a wallet on a chain, it's actually a really fab little accessory! You can wear it messenger style or double up the chain and wear it on the shoulder.
    Call around to find it in pink, my NM always has them but not in pink.
    Yesterday they had a BEAUTIFUL navy one w/ white piping.
  5. very Chic.
  6. thought it was only long strap for messenger wear, how do you double it up ? thanks!
  7. It cute, but maybe smaller than I thought.
  8. yeah, it's super flat, pretty small:yes:

    You just double up the chain under the flap, just like a Classic I think.
  9. ^^That's right.

    Neiman's in Boston has it in pink. It's in lockerstock so any Neimans should be able to get you one.

    Good luck.
  10. Thanks Mree43, what is "Lockerstock" ?
  11. backstock - available but maybe not on display
  12. ^Yes, backstock. Neiman's refers to it as "lockstock" Lockstock means Neimans has the item but it may not be in every store. It's in Neimans main "stock" center. It's a holding center of the stock. For instance, Neiman's orders a bunch of one item and instead of shipping it to each store, they keep it there. The store can order it from there.

    Swanky-You should work at neimans!! They would love to have some as valuable and swanky as you.
  13. LOL! Maybe I will when all my kids are in school all day!

    A good friend of mine was an Exec at the NM Flagship store downtown Dallas, I leanred some interesting info. . . I may like NM more because of her.
    We had lunch there a lot and I met a lot of people, everyone really loves the Co that I met.