Another Pigalle?? Quick one...

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  1. There is a Black patent Pigalle 100 mm on Net a porter but there is only size 39,5 and 38. Will one of them fit me... I'm a size 39 foot length 24,5 cm normal width. Sorry I know there sizing threads but I can't really find my way round in them plus some say smaller some say larger... ??

    Fast help please ... Would love a pair ;0)
  2. Do you own any CL?
  3. Well yes I have Very privé size 39,5 and Declic size 39...
  4. Hmmm...I take the pigalle 100 in my VP size, but I don't size down in my Declic. I would say try the 39.5, the 38 will be way too small. HTH!
  5. Oh no..... :0(

    Entered the site from a US link so you guys have a 38 and 39,5 ... Europe has zero!!!

    Will call the store and hopefully they can write me up for a pair...

    Thanks for your answer!
  6. Have you posted your question in the sizing thread though? That is the purpose of the thread being open.