Another petit noe inquiry

  1. Is the bottom of the epi petit noe kind of awkward since it's so flat, does it hit against your body as you're walking. Is it comfortable? Also, is there an inside zipper? And is the drawstring a pain to tie?
  2. I have no idea, but I'm excited since I have one on the way!
    As for the drawstring, what I do with my Montsouris backpack (same gathered opening) is thread the laces into the next holes as if I were going to go around again... then you can pull them open and closed quite easily.
    I wish I had a pic of this. I have no idea how to explain it.
  3. I have a montsoursis and it is a pain to tie the string and then do the buckle. Can you take a pic of how you thread the laces. I didn't know you can do that.
  4. Ok, just took some pics. I just have to figure out to upload them here.
  5. Hope this makes sense..
    Sorry these are out of focus! I wasn't paying attention, was trying to be quick, LOL



  6. What a great idea, I will try this on my montsouris when I get home. Thank you!!!
  7. No problem. I learned it here but I have no idea who posted it. I want to tell them thanks too! It works great.
  8. Thanks I will use this for my lv noe bag. I hated tying it and this will help tremendously!
  9. that's a cool trick, thanks for posting the pics.
  10. Yes, neat trick! I'm buying a Petit Noe and will try this trick on it! Thx!
  11. Not at all awkard! I think the bag is perfect in every way. No inside zipper. Not a pain to tie.