ANOTHER PCE question (sorry!)

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  1. Hi!,

    I just received my PCE card and have a question. I don't have a Coach store near me (the closest one is 6 hours away), so can I use my card online, or call Coach to order? I do have a Coach outlet store only 1 1/2 hours away though, can I use it there? Thanks for any help!!
  2. from my understanding, no. you can't use it over the phone, and definately not online or at the outlet.

  3. That's seems to be the deal. Only in person and only in a boutique. :yes:
  4. you MIGHT be able to get away with a phone order to a boutique, IF you are in the computer as a preferred customer. or so i was told, lol. but that really depends on the store.
  5. Just curious...

    how did you get a card when the closest boutique is 6 hours away? :confused1:
  6. During the last PCE I did a phone order no problem! I guess it just depends on the MGR/Store.
  7. I get the PCE's probably because we travel alot, and whenever I find a cute coach purse I pick it up! Also my husband is a very good online shopper:tup:. So hopefully one of the stores I have been to will let me do a phone order!!!
  8. I called a store in another state because they have a back not available at my local boutique or through the warehouse and they told me as long as I had a card they could place the order over the phone.
    So I guess it really does depend on the store and manager.
  9. I think it really does depend on the SA, When I went in the boutique and asked about getting the discount without a coupon, the first SA I talked to said no, Then I got a coupon (thanks again highonhandbags!) I called to see if something was in stock or had to be ordered before going in and the SA I talked to said I did not even need to come in, I could order it over the phone... AND she offered me the pce discount before I could even mention it, So if you call and they say no, try calling again in hopes of getting someone different.

    btw, Since February I've spent about $2000 at the boutique and I've not returned a single thing, yet I still did not get a pce invite this time, :rant:(yet) I think i'm done with them, If something comes up that I NEED (lol) I'll either wait until it hits the outlets or buy it on ebay, they have shown me that I am not a "preferred customer" So I prefer to shop elsewhere. :shrugs:

  10. You could still get one....I think it was Ms Whitney that said the people that have received them early because they shouldn't have been sent yet. And I don't think it's a purchase requirement to qualify for one....I got my first one last summer after buying like 1 or 2 bags.
  11. If I do I'll pay it forward and offer it to someone on tpf, between the last pce and recent outlet trips I think i'm set for a while in the handbag dept, I'm hoping they come out with a new "to die for" legacy line this fall though. :smile:
  12. It never hurts to call the outlet or the boutique to place a phone order and ask about using the PCE card. If one boutique will not use it try another. I am surprised I got a card, I usually shop at the outlet and have only purchased cleaner one legacy bag and 2 miniskinnys at the boutique.
  13. You started in February also? I started the second week of february and have spent close to 4k that's NOT including my coach purchases from the outlet, ebay, and Macy's. Anddd I haven't received an invite.
    So don't feel bad, you aren't alone.
  14. Add me to the list of those not getting their PCE card yet :cry: I dared to tally up my purchases over the past few months and like Mariadele I've spent ~2000 at my local boutique. Hopefully the cards are just being sent out in batches and ours will be coming. I know it is not a given to receive one but ... makes you wonder just what Coach considers a "preferred customer".
  15. be patient with pce cards guys. they usually go out the week of. some just got them early.