Another paypal question

  1. Last weekend I checked my bank account & noticed two paypal purchases. One for around $40 & the other for $35 something. I know I had not purchased anything so I called my bank right away to report it.

    I checked my paypal account history & it did not even show where the purchase came from. (You know how you can check the history of what you have bought?) Nothing!
    I freaked out & removed my debit card & checking account info.

    Now I cannot purchase anything from ebay (which may be a good thing).
    Has anyone had this happen to them? Any advice?
  2. i had my identity stolen this way. there's nothing i can tell you other than to get a new account entirely. i had to get a new credit card, got a credit check, tore paypal and discover a new one for allowing it to happen, and of course, they never cauight the person who did it, but i wasn't responsible for the transactions thankfully. and it was lot more than 70 dollars too.
  3. Hey Bagaholic! Call paypal they will see what's going on with your account. There might have been spam mail that you picked up and someone might have access to your account. Call them immiediatly
  4. there's no harm in calling, but paypal is so useless, they like to disavow all responsibility.
  5. Yeah, you need to find out for sure.
    But you can still shop on eBay, most Seller's accpet Paypal IN ADDITION to other forms of payment ;)