Another paypal question: limiting amount to send

  1. Hey all,

    Question...I had a buyer win something was for a total f $580 with shipping.
    They PMed me to say that they can only send up to $560 because paypal has a limit on their account until they register their bank account.
    They said they will paypal me the $560 and send cash for the other $20.
    I'm OK with the is gives me a couple days to get the money out of my account.
    BUT...they are going to pay for this not using the invoice feature (it won't let them ay less than the invoice).
    So longer as they have a confirmed address (which I don't know yet since the funds haven't gone through)...I should be OK, right?

    Have you heard of this limit thing? Is it to prevent CC theft?
  2. I think so far it's ok but I noticed some buyers will use this reason to deduct payment ( you'll assume they've sent you the rest $20 so although you've not receive the rest, you'll not mind to ship her item ).

    About the limit, I think if we've not register our cc, we even can't use pp at all but in some Asia countries, pp has limit up to $1000 untill you register your acc. I think it's in Korea.
  3. Send her a invoice for the new amount.

    Then ask her to pay the rest by cash.
  4. Yea...I'm not shipping until I get it all..$20 is $20!!!

    They have a couple feedback..but mostly low dollar items (well one other cheaper LV) I don't think they knew!
  5. The pay pal limit thing happened to me and it took forever to resolve it, so it can be a pain. It is to prevent credit card theft, pay pal sent me an email - "there has been fradulent activity on your card" after i tried to make a big purchase. I made another purchase after it all got settled and they unblocked my account (2 weeks!) and pay pal actually CALLED my house to see if it was really me making the purchase.
    ANYWAY!, hope everything works out, and you're right, 20 is 20!
  6. registering her bank account shouldn't take too long , maybe it would be better to wait . she will have to do it on the next item she buys anyway .
  7. I think she's pretty new to eBay and everything. But she's been on top of it...emailing me to send the new invoice, etc. And I've been very clear that I don't ship until I get the cash difference.
    Keeping my fingers crossed...everytime I deal with eBay...I'm on pins & needles until I get my feedback!
  8. Yeah I used to have that when I only had my CC hooked up to it..they always told me to "add another CC or my bank account to increase my spending limit." So when I started selling, I added my bank account to it.
    Anyway, hopefully you won't have trouble with her, good luck Naomi!
  9. Thanks Rebecca! She paid via instant payment today and is sending the rest cash! It's actually the money time to transfer into my bnk account LOL
  10. $560 seems like an awfully arbitrary limit for paypal to set, no?
  11. If I remember correcting, adding your bank account doesn't take too long. Maybe she's not aware, but just suggest it to her.
  12. Yep, PayPal started putting limits like this to prevent fraud.