Another Paypal nightmare. Advice needed!!

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  1. I have an Ebay/Paypal account and I am quite new to the whole thing.
    I use the account to sell items and use the money to buy things. I have no interest in adding my credit card, etc for these transactions.

    Paypal started hassling me to verify my account, but they asked for information that I did not want to give. Why must I add my credit card, a bank account and have a direct debit, just to use existing funds????

    Now Paypal have put a hold on my account and told me that all of the money I have paid to other people will be frozen until I add all of this information! Okay, if they are trying to protect people, why not the buyers who paid me???
    Anyway, I am having a hard time because they have asked me to complete steps (add business info and tracking info) that I cannot do because they don't apply....and these steps cannot be passed over!


    So I bought a bag that has been posted to me and I am unsure as to whether she will get the money. I am galled that they can do this because it was existing funds I used to pay.
    What do I do?
    I cannot pay again and just to post it back would cost a fortune as she is in a different country. Besides, I paid already!! Can Paypal really hold this money from her???

    I feel like puking!!! I sold another bag and I have already sent it...I cannot help feeling I have been left out of pocket!! Paypal have not given me any answers aside from that I need to complete all steps....but I can't. It isn't possible!!!

    Also, do i need to send all the items out from the funds that are frozen or should i ask Paypal to refund them? I don't want to be completely out of pocket.

  2. I suggest calling them and telling them that two of the steps you are unable to complete. Don't you have tracking info on the things that you've shipped?

    I'm not understanding and I'd really like to help. There is info about you that they want that you prefer not to give to them? If that's the case, You'll have to accept money orders or checks and not use paypal at all. I think they have criteria that you have to meet to use their services.

    I may be wrong though. Anybody else wanna chime in? :smile:
  3. ^^^^I am obviously not making myself clear.
    I just didn't want them to have all my bank details and i still wonder why they need to if I use existing funds.

    Thanks though.
  4. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  5. This is strange...I don't understand why they need to have all that info if you are paying with existing funds. I just recently deleted my cc's from my PP because I do not feel comfortable with them having that info, they never said anything to me. Maybe because I do not really buy anything, just sell??? I do have my checking account attached, however, so I can transfer funds easily. I think that the best thing would be for you to call them and ask them what is up with this.
  6. They're freezing your funds because there's this global issue about money laundering and Paypal is one popular mode criminals use. In Europe money laundering is a very serious crime. As long as your account isn't confirmed and you're a US resident, there will be a sending limit per month. Maybe you've reached that or are near it.

    What is really preventing you from confirming your PP account? You can always set up a new bank account with different bank, try a credit union, most will let you open a new account with $5 or less. Most of us do this so our real savings will not get depleted. If you don't like credit cards, there are always debit cards.
  7. ^^^^I am in the UK so...

    My worry with having my credit card stored is that there is so much fraud. A few months ago in the UK, the government lost millions of records of all the people who got child benefit (it is like a tax credit for their kids). They sent them by courier to London and they got lost along the way...all of our financial information and we just got a "whoops, I'm bad!!" letter.

    I don't have much faith because my dh and I personally have had to have 3 cards replaced due to fraud over the years and he would go mental if he thought I put our card details in Paypal!! Also, what is to stop someone making a wrongful claim and Paypal charging your card as much as they want?? My friend says that Ebay and Paypal are all about the buyers and the sellers have no rights. I have heard that if a buyer claims to not receive something, even if you have a tracking number, you still have to fax everything over and wait for a reply before your account is unfrozen.

    I could set up another account and give them a debit card, but what a palaver!!
  8. I was asked to confirm my account quite early on too. I think they have your bank account details as a kind of insurance if you like. If you are short of funds for something they do take from your bank account.
    Paypal is not without its faults but its business is not to give or take away your rights, its just a middle man in a transaction ( a rather well paid one I will add ). Its your way of paying without divulging your personal or bank info.
    you sound uncomfortable with it, I think we all can be to some extent, but if you dont verify your account you may be best to reconsider options for paying. They have frozen my account before too and they dont let go til they get what they want...
  9. I have given them my bank details and I have set up a direct debit. I have faxed verification of my identity and my address.
    I just don't want to add a credit card!
    I know what you mean though...don't use Paypal. Doesn't help with the hundreds of pounds I am out from them freezing the account though!
  10. ^^^^My main worry is how my dh would react if I did give my card details because we have had such a bad time with fraud on our cards!
  11. yes I know what you mean. I am uncomfortable with it too. I think without you will have limited funds. You may have to quit paypal I guess. Or have a card just for that...