another paypal claim...

  1. Back after a nice and relaxing holiday.....

    only to find that the bag i bought mid of March has still not arrived....

    I have contacted the seller a few times and not heard back and now escalated my dispute to a claim...

    BUT another buyer left a neg (the first one and so far a good track record) that she hasn't received a bag she won and paid for in January.... boohoo

    I don't think i will see a cent of my money!!!! (around £110 - $220) which is annoying enough. it is not like i have money to give away...

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA plus I really wanted this bag.

    ok, rant is over. good to be back!
  2. Oh no this is awful i hope the dispute gets the result you want (your new bag) :smile:
  3. Girl, I feel your pain. I hope it works out for you and you get your money back soon!:heart:
  4. I feel your pain too, I'm in the middle of a claim where a seller desc a bag as wonderful condition and it's filthy. stupid dishonest ebayers!! good luck good luck good luck!
  5. thanks everyone. one question though -

    i just read paypal's buyer complaint policy and if I understand right buyers can get a maximum amount minus processing fee - is that right? I would get some money back even if the seller doesn't have any in her account?

    sorry for everyone's troubles.... so annoying!
  6. Oh Lara, what a bugger - especially when I know how much you were looking forward to that holiday. My experience with the two Paypal claims I have made is that I didn't receive anything like the full amount initially - about 50% in one case and 60% in the other. The first case was ages ago and nothing has happened since despite Paypal's 'efforts to recover the money'. However, to my absolute:shocked: astonishment, I received the balance for the second claim months later. I guess the seller decided to return funds to his Paypal account and they pounced. So hope you can get to this person's account before they empty it - I think it is frozen once a claim is made, but could be wrong. Let us know how it goes.
  7. well, the seller finally got in touch - to tell me that she doesn't know what happened... and that she has been away for 2 weeks with no email access and will be away another 2 weeks - she says she has info from post office (tracking, I hope) and to be patient

    BUT, she hasn't responded to the paypal claim... which will be up before. I can't close it now but I would prefer for her to get in touch in time...

    I really don't know what to do now - do I give the benefit of the doubt? I honestly don't think it is good to close the claim... plus she just received a neg from someone else about a similar thing - could it just be a tactic to make me close the claim??
  8. I hope you get your money back soon!
  9. Hi again Lara, I definitely wouldn't close the claim - it is the job of the moment to supply tracking details and the onus is on her to investigate its non-arrival which, as she says she has the tracking details, should be relatively easy.

    I am afraid even if she is going to be away for a further fortnight, that is not good enough to allow her to keep you hanging on. I actually didn't list several items last/this week on eBay because I am at a conference next week and won't be around to deal with any queries etc. The seller's responsibilities only end when the buyer has the item in her hands as per the contract.

    All of which is my way of saying, don't close the claim!
  10. yep, I was thinking the same. thanks for your input. I found it odd enough that she said she doesnt have internet, yet managed to send me an email???
    I will lose some money as it is, so we shall see. also, someone else just left a neg for an item not received and no refund, so better safe than sorry!
  11. ^^ Good for you - I think this is the right decision and really hope you are not too out of pocket. . .