Another patent leather scoop from my Coach SA...

  1. It looks like sometime in April, Coach will be releasing another new patent leather color... purple!! Other than the possible release date and color, my SA didn't really have any other information for me. He thinks that it's very likely that the purple color would be made available in the large patent leather Ergo hobo but wasn't sure about the tote. The color as explained to me, is going to a true deep rich purple. My SA promised to get more information on this new patent leather color for me as well as the hand bag styles that it will be made available in.
  2. That will be great news for all those purple fans, which there seem to be a lot of on here! :tup:
  3. I am soo excited!! I am one of those purple lovers that fieldinspring is talking about haha.
  4. I would LOVE a purple bag over a pink one at this point! I already have the Hamptons with the lilac stripe and a lilac wristlet, but I really want a purple leather bag!! Great news, thanks for sharing.
  5. Interesting! I wonder what shade of purple it will be?
  6. I could just about faint with joy right now!!!
  7. Oooooooh! Great news for all of our purple people!! Thanks for the info.!
  8. A deep rich shade of purple is how my SA described it to me. We tried looking through a few of the Coach items in the store, mainly the leather key chains/charms but he couldn't find anything similar to the new purple color. It's definitely not a lilac or pastel colored purple though, per the SA. He also mentioned that it's not a magenta color either.
  9. I am officially excited! This sounds exactly like the color I've been hoping Coach would come out with. I LOVE purple!!! Can't wait to see this IRL!!!
  10. I wonder if this is the Plum that we have heard Carly will be trimmed with.