Another Passage a Tokyo Thread.....

  1. sorry Girls, but I want one of these, but I can't find a colour that suits me!!!!!

    I tried on the pink/purple one (like Cal has) at my store - looked no good with my colouring....I LOVE the white/sepia one, but it would wash me out (I am a fairly pale gal), the bright red is gorgeous, but I can;t usually wear red up close to my face, the black is classic and gorgeous...but ANOTHER black scarf????

    So what are the colourways Tokyo is available in????


    Any others?
  2. Why oh why am I not feeling this scarf!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!!!

    I just know though the second you find the color way that suits you, GF, I'm gonna want one too.

    Oiy.................and Rose and I are supposed to be on a scarf ban (I think she failed miserably......) until NYC!
  3. See, I could ban myself from everything to save for NY, but NOT SCARVES!!! No way, I couldn't do it........AND L-Z just marked down a lot of their older scarf stock.......ugh....

    I know what you mean, though,'s taken me a while to warm to this scarf....but I DO like the "sketch" look to it, and I'll only buy one....unlike the designs that I end up with EVERY colourway available.....

    Actually, I believe they did this in a GM mousseline - maybe I should get one of those, instead?
  4. One of our members (can't remember who) has this scarf in ten colors....
  5.'s not me.

    I swear!
  6. Ahhh, so at least we know it's available in 10 colourways.....
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. Here we go:

  9. k - i would have thought the green/blue would be perfect for you?? :confused1:
  10. One of those 10 is dark blue with light blue. It'll be on it's way to me later this week.

    I think there's also a rose/light pink, although I'm not sure about it. May have been confusion between me and the SA, so I don't know if this is different from the red or not.

    I've heard there's a mousseline in orange and purple at the Dallas store.
  11. I'm new to the forum, and this is my first posting. I'd like to start off by saying how much I enjoy reading all of your comments. I purchased the pink/white scarf this weekend. In addition to the other colors mentioned in an earlier posting, it also comes in a cornflower blue color which is TDF and also in orange. :love:
  12. Darn, my SA had read them off to me at one point but I totally forgot; there are definitely at least 9 or 10. I do remember thinking that the colorways are very very similar to De Passage a Paris if you recall any of those colorways.
  13. I love this scarf,I have yet to be lucky enough to see it in person,I would love to see it in purple:yes:
  14. I think so, too...but every scarf I own is green!! or at least, it feels that way - LOL!
  15. Penn - welcome!

    If there's a pink one, I may have to go for that one....although that orange and purple mousseline sounds divine!!