Another Part Time Question

  1. Has anyone in the US actually seen this bag yet? The NM SA looked at me like I was crazy when I asked about it :sad: .
  2. Nope, but I know i am getting one as soon as they come in!
  3. No- but I would love to see it too!!!
  4. I'm getting soooooooooo impatient :sad:
  5. What color are you looking for Ms Livethelake?
  6. I tried one on last week at BALNY. It was exactly like a CITY bag except wider. Not much different. I didnt find it too exciting. It was just "ok" for me.
  7. Ms Lulilu - I was thinking maybe griege :smile:

    Luccibag - thanks for the it sounds like you might like the city better???
  8. I saw only the pictures.The SA tells me it is a new model called part time... length of work size but 2/3 height of work's,. My trusty SA has put me on the list when Blue Roi comes in.:yahoo:
    Have you heard of any other colours coming up? Thanks?
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