Another Paraty choice of colours question.

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  1. I'm looking for my first small Paraty.
    I phoned around and have the choices of
    Fuschia...(not sure if this is berrypink?)

    These are my options...
    Any thoughts
    I love a bit of colour but also would like a bag that will be a classic if you know what I mean
  2. I'm on the hunt for my first Paraty too, and at the moment I'm looking for a Nutmeg one as I want something with some warmth in it. Chocolate is very nice but a little dark for me. That's just a personal thing though. I can't find a Nutmeg Paraty in the UK at the moment though.
  3. i know, my heart says pink but my head says a more neutral colour
  4. The Berry Pink colour is gorgeous - but I'm not sure it would go with a lot of my winter wardrobe, sadly.
  5. Nutmeg is a warm, almost cinnamon-y, medium brown. It is not as dark and brown-brown as Chocolate. Taupe is a cooler/neutral medium-toned color with a hint of olive in it. I have the Nutmeg and the Taupe Paraty and I love them both and use them both all the time - excellent colors. I believe all three are "classic" colors, but the Taupe and Chocolate are more "neutral" overall and might go with more outfits. You can't go wrong with any of the three. I have never seen the Fuschia color, but I have never been a fan of brighter, pink-ish colors on Paraty.
  6. Lisa, that's a lovely shade!
    I have the chance of

    a full priced Nutmeg
    a reduced price Taupe at about 30% off...just not sure if it's warm enough colour
  7. madforchloe are the nutmeg and taupe ones the ones in your signature?
  8. The Paratys in my signature are Taupe and Tan. Tan was available a year ago - and some boutiques might still have it. It's a true British Tan, saddle color. It is a warm color and lighter than the Nutmeg.
  9. Rachie, I think when it comes to a bag of the calibre and cost etc you mustn't settle for second best. Go where your heart takes you.
  10. oh no lisa my heart says pink!
  11. N U T M E G!!...but go with your heart.
  12. Nutmeg imo! But that would be my personal choice!
  13. i'd vote nutmeg or taupe
  14. Always go with what you want, these bags are pretty expensive and you don't want to buy a safe bag and always think "what if....."

    Try to get some pictures of the pink you are interested in via email from the sales assistant, if it doesn't seem right then re think it.
    I think the bag would look great in any color so I don't think you can really go that wrong any way, good luck!