Another pale imitation of Anna Corinna City Tote! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT???

  1. I've seen a lot of bags in that style everywhere!
  2. OMG..definatley an 'inspired' bag.
  3. Hehe not so good looking... I have the Anna Corinna mini and love it so much...
  4. Oh me tooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  5. As much as I love Roots - I saw this bag in person and I personally think its nothing compared to the Anna Corinna bag!

    Speaking of which - can you believe it? I was at Holt Renfrew the other day (its a Canadian department store that sells the high end stuff - so like a Nieman Marcus or Saks) - I saw a bag that I thought was the Anna Corinna City tote... but when I asked the sales rep. to take it out to show me - can you believe it it was a FERRAGAMO!??!?!?!? I have to say with the materials they used, it made the bag really stiff... and since I saw the City tote before I saw the Ferragamo, I am going to say the Ferragamo was "inspiried" by Anna Corinna..

    Too bad I can't find a picture of that bag - but i swear they look exactly alike!
  6. So if you saw them side by side, which one would you buy?
  7. Definitely the Anna Corinna!
    - The price of the Ferragamo is probably like at least 2 times of the Anna Corinna
    - The Anna Corinna bag (although I have not seen it in person) is probably more soft and squishy and if you were to wear it over the shoulder, it would hug your body - I can't say the same about the Ferragamo - it was stiff when I put it on - it had its own shape and so it wasn't forming around my body - a corner practically stuck out
    - I have never cared much for Ferragamo - never saw what was so great about them...

    Aye so many bags I want - but only so much money to spend :crybaby:
  8. :crybaby: Me too: want more bags than money in bank! I have the ac and I have to admit I LOVE it. And the leather is very smushy and wonderful.