Another pair of Kanye West sneakers

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  1. [​IMG]

    This was at the Louis Vuitton Show in Paris, and he was wearing yet another pair of the sneakers he designed, here's another pic


    What are your opinions on these? I personally think that the red is a little too bright :Push:
  2. Red ones are a lot better!!!
  3. Yeah, but I'm interested to see what's coming next :sweatdrop:
  4. These are still to blah for LV sneakers.
  5. exactly.I expected more
  6. This is interesting, I would have expected him to release something like those Graffiti Sneaks. Hey, gotta give him props for keeping it fairly plain and classic. I love that it doesn't shout LV and personally imo, not everything LV should be flashy, in fact they could do with alot less flashy stuff. In the past little while I have found myself more drawn to mens runway bags because they are less flashy (Tobago, the new mens bags, graphite, though I'm still waiting for something acceptable for use by a women in this line etc.) when compared to the womens. I only tend buy the keepalls in all the different ranges because I have somewhat of an obsession.

    P.S I DO find the red a wee bit bright though, I agree. Perhaps its just the pictures?
  7. maybe it's the stock photos
  8. I must be color blind, I thought they looked orange on the F/W show.
  9. It could be that this style will come in several colors - perhaps red, white, black.
  10. ^ there will be 5 different shoes, some with different colors, thats what i think anyways...

    Red lv's for the win.. however they will be my 3rd pair of red shoes :smile:
  11. i think they look really cool! the red is gorgeous
  12. i dont like it xp. Granted its a big improvement, but it just rubs me the wrong way. Also its too much of one color.
  13. i like them esp. the brightness. red :nuts::heart:
  14. ...eww...
  15. I like these, simple yet funky and young looking appealing to the younger LV crowd,

    I think they will sell well- especially if they come in different colours as when they are one colour block people will buy the different colours to match outfits or bags

    Well done Kanye i'm impressed :tup::okay: