Another Pair of CLs for my wife

  1. Just purchased a BNIB pair of Lady Gres, in Dark Brown Leather, for £335.

    What do you think of this colour? Is it traditional and timeless or a bit unexciting?

    This is the fifth pair that I have bought my wife in the last month, but two of them were too large for her.

    The Brown Suede Drapanovas have now been sold, which was such a same as we both thought they were such classy shoes.

    The Pyhon Palace Zeppas are on eBay but I am struggling to get my reserve price. Maybe they will be more sought after come spring/summer time. What do you think?
    Cravtouza.jpg Drapanova Left Side View.JPG Palace Zeppa Front Quarter.JPG Marcoil 1.jpg
  2. I like the color, it is nice and your wife will be able to wear it with many things. I personally think the Lady Gres looks really nice in pewter..but that's just because I own them. :biggrin:
  3. I agree that pewter looks very good and would have preferred that colour. However, I think pewter Lady Gres are now harder to find than dodo eggs :lol:.

    Pewter/Silver is one of my favourite colours, hence the choice of my Vette. I had that shipped from Rhode Island (where this picture was taken) to the UK.
    Pewter Lady Gres.jpg My Corvette 2.jpg
  4. Yes they are starting to become hard to find. I'm not sure if the Beverly Hills CL has anymore but they did a few weeks ago.
  5. It is lovely and will last her forever. You are a dear, dear husband! I have asked before, but will ask again. Will you PLEASE call my husband????
  6. ^^ LOL.. :roflmfao:
  7. I personally like the dark brown leather!! I feel like I could get a lot of wear out of those! I hope your wife loves em!
  8. I think it a gorgeous shoe and quite versatile .. congrats to your really really lucky wife for having such a wonderful husband... and of course the new shoes. You got a relatively good deal since these shoes retail for around $865 (£428)
  9. u r sooooooooo sweet ur wife is so lucky
  10. They are beautiful. I had them on my watch list too ;)

    I have bought from this seller lots of times, and she is lovely too, which helps!

    I think you are a lovely husband, and I am sure your wife will adore these.
  11. Thanks for the compliments everyone but after importing the Corvette to the UK last year it's more a case of making it up to her (a little) ;).
  12. Well, at least you care enough too!! Lots would just say "deal with it" It is still the sweetest thing that you love these shoes and have educated your self on them. You are still a hero.
  13. I agree!!! You are so sweet!:tup:
  14. You are a very sweet man, your wife is very lucky! ;)
  15. No, I am the lucky one :love:.