Another padded question . . .

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  1. Hi ladies! I am new to this forum and like the other poster Glimmer bought a matelasse on Bluefly. I wasn't aware of the whole Bluefly scandal until after the purchase and was wondering if you ladies can put my mind at ease. It is the small black padded, and like Glimmer, was wondering if it's normal for the tassels to be of different textures (the one attatched to the zipper vs. to the mirror)




  2. It looks great! Damn, I keep checking bluefly and it never comes up!!!!
  3. Hi & Welcome! :flowers: Congrats on getting your new bag! It looks authentic to me from what I can see in those pics. The texture of the tassles on the zipper on mine is the same as the texture on the handles and piece of leather on the front of the bag around the front pocket. The tassels on the mirror are a different texture than the tassels on the zipper. They're the soft leather on the mirror tassels and rough texture on the zipper tassels.
  4. Hi Kissrain and welcome!! Ooh, you got a good one! After hearing from Ceejay and Pewter, I've concluded that these bags are authentic. If not for the previous scandal, I probably wouldn't have doubted it in the first place. I hate to keep repeating myself, but the handles are so weird! Anyway, in spite of the pebbly parts, the rest of the bag is too fabulous to be a fake. I say relax and enjoy that BEAUTIFUL bag!!!!
  5. YAY! Thanks so much ladies! Pewter thanks for the confirmation on the tassels. This is my first bbag and the first time i've seen a bbag IRL so I wasn't sure if that was normal or not. I think I'm leaning towards keeping it, but I am just a little hesitant in regards to its size. It's a lot bigger than I thought! I am so glad I didn't get the larger size!

    Cuteusername the day I bought it there was 2 small black padded, 1 large black padded, and 1 small cocoa padded that I saw. Perhaps you can stalk a return, or I will definately let you know if I decide to sell!
  6. Yes, the tassles are the same Pebbled Leather as the front (near the zippered pocket) and handles. They should also be stitched down the middle (so as to prevent them from splitting).

    The bag looks good to me ... DAG-NAB-IT; I had to pay full retail!!!
  7. When the :cursing: are you gals logging on to Bluefly ... during the middle of the night?!?! Everytime I go onto that site and type in "Balenciaga", all I see are the f-ugly butt shoes (which - heck, I might as well get the box 'coz they NEVER have my big-feet size!!!).
  8. :roflmfao: Same here CeeJay! I only see all the crappy stuff too. :lol:
  9. If anyone wants, Holt Renfrew in Yorkdale Toronto had a padded on sale. If you give a call they might still have it
  10. black? smaller size?
  11. Since the Black Padded is the bag I use most often, I've now changed my Avatar (until I get the LARGER one ... :roflmfao: !).
  12. ^CeeJay, did you ever say you also had a red padded matelasse?
  13. dang. HR does not ship to USA unless you're there to fill out the customs forms in person. OH well.
  14. kissrain, what did you decide to do??????????