Another Pacific Reveal...warning: photo heavy

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  1. #1 May 30, 2016
    Last edited: May 30, 2016
    If you’ve ever wanted to see a reveal by someone who’s somewhat OCD, takes badly lit iphone photos (they’re coming), is possibly obsessed with a current BV color and who would like to take up permanent residence in the Container Store…well, my fellow TPF'ers, you have found your thread.

    There’s a slight chance that I may be a tiny bit obsessed with the color Pacific. There was the parachute and lanyard purchase/reveal last month…clue #1. I bought a pillow bag in the VF store last Friday…clue #2. And then there are the sneakers I also purchased last Friday…clue #3. I feel like I hit the Pacific Mother Lode.

    Oh...I picked up a silver pouch for my Peltro, too.

    (These are actually the reduced photos...yikes!)

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  2. Family photos of the Pacific pieces. The first one without lights off and the second one with lights on.

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  3. Finally, just when it looked like it might never end...the (final) modeling shots of the shoes with jeans and with a maxi skirt.

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  4. Those sneakers look TDF
    And oh so comfy. ..the rest of your Pacific reveal ain't too shabby! !!
  5. Oops forgot the silver pouch ...that is too snazzy !
    Very very nice! 😍
  6. Thanks. I'm hoping they come out with more colors.
  7. Are the shoes comfy? They sure look it. Are they true to size? I'd love to try a pair of BV shoes but with having to order online, feels s but risky.

    Wonderful reveal. I like this blue a lot. (And secretly coveting your cabat. [emoji52])
  8. Nice haul D. Now you need a "pacific shelf" in your BV closet. [emoji162]
  9. The shoes are comfy but I needed to add arch support as they didn't have any. I wear a 7.5 in US sizes and the 37 fit perfectly. The SA said they usually run 1/2 size large.

    About the cabat...What I love most, besides the treatment, is that it is so broken in and soft. I get asked about it every time I go into a BV store carrying it. Younger SA's usually comment because they have never seen the Peltro treatment before.
  10. I'd love to have the space to create a dedicated shelf, but I'd have to get rid of my clothing to do that. My closet seems to be shrinking....
  11. Wow! That is quite the all your blue and the silver piece is so pretty. I am thinking of getting a belt in silver. Is it on sale?
  12. No, it's not on sale. It just came in. I passed on the lanyard because it looked a bit foil like to me. But I think the pouch will get some wear and be good with the peltro.
  13. That's a perfect blue for you. I love the sneakers but I know I won't find them The silver pouch is so pretty.......the Peltro should be smiling and thanking you.
  14. I'm not surprised you love the colours and the things you do, they suit you wonderfully well

    Congratulations on all!
  15. On the occasions I visit the Valley Fair store while carrying the Peltro, the younger sales associates always ask me about it. The first thing they notice is the softness and then the treatment. I figured that I could abuse the silver pouch a bit until it looks a little more broken in. That's my plan anyway.

    One of the best aspects of being in my 60's is that a lot of my style mistakes are behind me. It gets easier as I get older to recognize what's really going to work for me.
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