another outlet trip--lots of blue!

  1. my family visited me this weekend and i got to visit the outlets again. there wasn't a special president sale, and the selection was pretty much the same as last week.
    if any of you remember my post, last weekend i got a hobo and a wallet. i really wanted a wristlet or purse to match my wallet (light blue mini sig), but i had given up on it because i had spent so much since christmas.

    i told my parents i wanted a wristlet to match my wallet, but they told me i should just buy a purse instead. my mom and i both really liked the soho mini sig flap in light blue. i decided to go with the small because the large looked bad on my small frame. my mom's taller so she ended up getting two large ones (for her and for my aunt's birthday), so we all match! i think the SA thought we were a bit crazy but that's okay. they also bought me the snowflake charm that i absolutely love.

    later i went back to the store alone and bought my mom the flower charm that she wanted but didn't buy. i surprised her when we got home and she was excited! so here's a pic of our very blue purchase (-my aunt's purse + my wallet from last week)!
  2. They're all so pretty. My outlet had a big selection of the same blue sig stuff, but I passed on it I'd be too afraid to get it dirty.
  3. I was at the outlets today and saw these. I almost snagged one, but there was so much other stuff that I wanted, that I ended up downsizing my pile.
  4. Oooh I love all the blue, very pretty. If there was an outlet near my house that had these, I definetely would get them. Congrats on the great finds!
  5. Great purchases, that shade of blue is so pretty! Congrats!
  6. i have the exact same blue purse, the smaller one! perfect for spring!
  7. Love your purchases! Love that color combo... Congrats!
  8. Congratulations on your new bag. Saw these at the outlet too (but was looking for a work tote and was trying to stay focused!). I absolutely love that color blue. Perfect for spring.
  9. cute, congrats! :tup:
  10. that snowflake charm is adorable, i love it!
  11. Pretty! Enjoy it all! I saw the blue stuff when I was at the outlet last Thursday, but I think the spirit of Valentines day got me and I went with a red clutch wallet and mini skinny (actually, I got the skinny for my daughter but she is only 4 so I think for now it is really mine!). I couldn't help my self. It was already marked down and another 40% off!!
  12. oh i love that color! I was admiring the small flap yesterday! I think Ill go back in a few weeks and see if they still have it! so pretty!
  13. They're very cute and perfect for the spring!! Congrats ;)
  14. Blue is such a great color! Does anyone know how much the small flap cost? Thanks.
  15. thanks for all the compliments! i'm trying to figure out some outfits to wear this new purse with:p

    i think it was around $85. i know it was in the $80s somewhere, but my mom paid so i wasn't paying that much attention.

    here's a pic of my mom (5'4") and me (5'2") modeling the large flap and small flap:heart: