another OTK boot dilemma

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  1. hi everyone! i've been lusting after OTK boots and these are just barely there.


    they're by Bakers and are $110. my question is, i need new UGGs (which would be what, $140?). mine are ruined, have a hole, and i just don't wear them anymore. which one should i get? these GORGEOUS boots :shame: or be practical and get UGGs?

    as for what i wear, either or would be fine for me. i often wear sweats (hence a need for UGGs) and am in school still. but out of school and when i feel not lazy i wear mostly leggings/skinnys so the boots would work with that too. and i own alot of sweater dresses.

    i've been wearing last years knee high (more like under the knee) boots and since they're not leather they're beginning to peel. either or, i need new boots. what should i get? OTK boots? or UGGs?
  2. I personally think Uggs are UGGLY and overpriced, so I would pick nice leather boots anyday.

  3. :lol: i like your play on the name.... i sort of think they're ugly too but they are so comfortable and easy to wear, so that's why they're a choice. but they are overpriced :tdown:

    what are you opinions on those boots?
  4. i would also pick the leather OTK boots you posted. i love OTK and uggs but if you can only have one...i'd pick something more classic.
  5. do you guys think OTK boots are too trendy?
  6. piggy votes boots!!!

    bootsbootsboots . . . .

    BOOTS! \(^(oo)^)/

    so . . . boots it is? excellent, excellent, piggy approves (^(oo)^)v

    hehe ;)
  7. ^lol, piggy :P

    i think i am leaning towards the boots right now. i can't stop thinking about them!
  8. I always try to remember that in dress, as in life, the easy, comfortable choice often proves less than ideal upon further reflection (^(oo)^)v
  9. I do like those boots (and am not a fan of UGGs), but I feel like OTK are very trendy. So if you can't spring for both, I'd get the one you're sure you'd wear more.
  10. ^are you trying to completely convince me to get the boots piggy? :P if so, you're doing a great job :graucho:

    girlice -- that's one thing that kinda makes me not want them. but these can fold over so then they'd just be knee high boots. does that make a difference?
  11. that, my dear, is a sure sign of a wise purchase which will see frequent use! b(^(oo)^)d
  12. oh most definitely! you should know by now that i'm not one for subterfuge - so, have you bought the boots yet? I got my first pair of OTK boots 10 years ago - I find them to be somewhat timeless, IPHO (^(oo)^)v

    think of it this way - the boots might sell out! but if you order them and change your mind, rest assured, there will still be zillions of those . . . woolly things . . . available for purchase later

  13. :graucho: haven't bought them yet, but will definitely head to the mall to get them as soon as i muster the funds :P
  14. how long have you had the uggs? i had a problem with mine they were maybe a few months old and the sole started to rip. I called them and they replaced them.
  15. ^i've had mine for years. literally. i don't think they'll replace mine :P (it'd be nice though)