Another option for agenda pens *pics inside*

  1. Just wanted to give you all another option for pens I don't like really skinny pens but that pretty much all LV agenda's fit well here is my solution to the problem.

    the pen in a mont blanc ladies pen i.e smaller than regular pen size

    pics aren't the best because my camera is rubbish
    Agenda front.jpg Agenda from above.jpg Agenda & Pen side shot.jpg Agenda pen.jpg agenda pen 2.jpg
  2. Thanks for sharing the alternative pens, Label Addict!
  3. Oh, Wow! :wtf:

    Thats a really good idea! :idea:

    I was having trouble finding a teeny, tiny, skinny pen that would actually fit.

    Thank You so much for posting!!!! :love:
  4. AARRGGH another mistake in my title I promise I can spell honestly!!

    *for not fro*
  5. Great suggestion thanks for posting pics!
  6. hi label addict..'

    ur agenda is PM size???
  7. I bought a Louis gold pen from eBay for my agenda and it just kept falling out? I want to buy the nails agenda pen, but don't ant to have the same issue. Are those made just for the small agenda's?
  8. cute!! thanks for sharing!
  9. Fixed :yes:
  10. thank you!!!!
  11. I have owned a couple of the LV pens but hate writing with them because they are so tiny! I just gave up and I put my regular pin in there in a similar way. I don't know why they can't make that &*(@ loop bigger!!
  12. Thanks for info! Your pen is called Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Hommage a Amadeus Mozart if anybody is interested, it cames in many colours and materials. I used to like Mont Blanc like LV. It was my obesession...
  13. Very clever for using it as a holder for the clip!
  14. Love your mc agenda!!!
    and thanks for the info:smile:
  15. smart idea!