Another opinion on this Sasha

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  1. I saw this on ebay and cannot help but think that the picture of the side of the bag (the seventh one) shows damage or abuse, despite the fact that it is listed as new and that condition is not dicussed.

    Is this the nature of the leather on this bag or does it look imperfect to you Botkier girls? Is that why it is cheap? Do you think it would be a long-term issue?

    I have sent off a question to the seller but come here for advice!
  2. I had the pink one delivered to me today. I don't know how exactly to describe it, but it isn't a perfect leather. There are flaws, scratches, etc.

    Normally I would be inclined to say it is the nature of the leather, but there is something about those pics that makes it look a bit beat up. HTH!
  3. Hi-I hope it is acceptable for me to respond in this thread as it is my listing being discussed. I responded to the question in my listing as well. The bag is brand new, never used and first rate from the recent Botkier sale. My pics were lousy, as I mentioned in my response on the listing. Never had a chance to retake but I can guarantee the bag is a beauty and is not beat up. The price is reasonable because I am reasonable - it is no reflection on the condition of the bag. If it does not sell this time I will relist with new pics but I will probably raise the price some to compensate for my time. I know the three that recently sold were for considerably more. Anyway, again I hope this is post was OK to submit.
  4. Maybe the asking price is related to the recent Botkier sales price?

  5. I think that it's just the texture of the leather because I got the same bag and it looks like's not damage...just scrunched up...i must admit that this bag gets scratches easily.
  6. I am glad someone got that bag. I did not buy it more because of a sudden dental emergency ($$) but I would have liked to!
  7. 1Sparkle - That was a great price. I have that bag and love it. I hope you kept another for yourself.:yes: