Another one,this time the purse way.

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  1. Yes yes..please talk some sense into me!!i have yet bought another b-bag!!!!!i was suppose to save up for a plane ticket,birkin for my mom,a fendi spy,and some chloe bags but yet i spend it all again on a b-bag!!This is the newest to my collection.isn't she pretty...too bad there's like a little mark on her..sobzz...but i couldn't resist!!i like this color..not to mention i loveeeeeee PINK!!!

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  2. aaaw so sad, i reaally like this one.
  3. Pretty bag!
  4. It's very pretty. Live in the moment, you never know what comes next so enjoy your new beauty!!
  5. Beautiful color!
  6. very nice, I like.
  7. That is one beautiful bag. Congratulations!!!
  8. It's a beauty! I love the color and the style. (I've got the same bag.) Enjoy yours!
  9. Great bag! Love the color and the style!
  10. I love the Purse style, but alas ... I don't think it would be BIG enough for me (to hold all my stuff!).
  11. lovely!
  12. lovely bag!!! I think I saw LiLo toting the same bag in a magazine;)
  13. i really like the color and the style!
  14. Love that color! Enjoy- it's beautiful!
  15. fav style in a beautiful color! Congrats!:biggrin: