another one: should she stay or should she go?

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  1. Last week's outlet trip was just so ill-fated.

    I was in South Texas. None of the SAs spoke a word of English. I don't hold that against them, but they kept talking to me and I felt sort of harassed. They kept shoving bags in my face.

    Anyway, I returned one of the three bags I thought (gunmetal carryall) and now I'm thinking the Midnight Maggie should go, too. They were only 30% off, no coupon.

    I don't like the compartments. I love the color. However, on two occasions I have purchased shoes in that color and I NEVER wore them. It just might not be my color.

    What do you carry Midnight Maggie (large) with? She's perdy to look at, but she doesn't seem to work into my wardrobe all that well.

    I need ideas. . . .
  2. I carried the Midnight Maggie around yesterday. I too was torn. She is sooo pretty to look at, but not comfortable to wear. I ended up with a Croc Embossed Audrey in gray. But I kept looking at that Maggie! I have a blue patent tote that I use a lot, a lighter navy blue, so it works well with jeans and tees. In the end, the Maggie stayed at the outlet. If you won't use it, take it back :smile:
  3. Return it! There are too many fabulous Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 Bags for you to keep something you have doubts about using.
  4. True to all.

    I paid $268 plus tax for her and that could go toward something else.

    I run both ends of the spectrum. Formal (office attire) and casual (I have alot of Haileys, that's as casual as I get). This bag seems like a tweener to me. I have nothing to do with a tweener.

    And I like blue. I don't wear blue much, though. I think this bag is for a housewife (no offense intended) who wears alot of jeans and shoe doesn't change her bags often. It would be a beautiful everyday bag with lots of organization.
  5. I love the look of maggies and I have been tempted to get one so many times but I always hold back because when I try to wear it, I don't find it comfortable. One of the straps is always slipping off and the compartments are kind of a pain in the neck. I actually had an ink maggie on my shoulder (in clearance, with a coupon!) and I didn't buy her. The maggies are gorgeous bags but I don't think that they are for me. Even at 30% off, it's still a lot of money for a bag that you are not crazy about, I say return it.
  6. OMG I love the Midnight Maggie - she will go with everything. What a amazing color
  7. How does she go with everything? I wear alot of black and white, browns and white, teal, red, some purple. And, of course, grey. Yes, she would go with Grey, but I feel that the grey Audrey or the lilac Alexandra or the crimson sophia would be a better choice.

    What does she go with? Orange?
  8. I personally think the blue could also go with most everything. I think it is just personal taste though. So it sounds like she just isn't going to work for you. I LOVE the Maggies....and they work for me. But for you I'd say take it back and put that money toward a bag you are going to just love!! Good luck to you!
  9. I am gonna go back to my friend COACHADDICT and her motto!!!!
    You wear a bag because U LOVE IT so wear it with anything!!!!!!
    I use to match my bag with ALL my clothes
    NOW - I just wear my bags with anything - The bag is the statement of your outfit.

    so yes why would it not go with orange - tan pants, orange shirt and that LOVELY midnight maggie

    GO Girl - work it own it!!!!!
  10. It would go with orange. They are complimentary colors.

    It would go with tan or white or black.

    I guess I find the color interesting the the bag to be dull. Back she goes.

  11. OMG no she is not dull at all - I think she is the best color yet in the Maggies
  12. I think the COLOR is great.

    Maggie is dull to me. It's a triangle. Does nothing for me. Style = zero. color = 10.*

    *these are merely my opinions. Other opinions may, and do, vary. That's what makes horseracing and that's why Coach makes so many different bags.
  13. They need to make this color in either a Madison shoulder bag or a gathered sophia.

    I'd be all full price about those.

  14. OH ok u dont like the Magie - fair enough -well return her an get a bag that you LOVE
  15. Or maybe I'll just pocket the money and put it toward clothes. Or shoes. Or the next HG bag,which is right around the corner :}