Another one - Petit Noe v. Cabas Piano?

  1. Which one for everyday - casual! Thanks gals:graucho:
  2. I'm so glad that you posed this question. As you may have noticed in my recent posts, I am suddenly drawn to the noe, thanks to this forum.
    I tried on the red epi noe and really liked it.
    I'm looking forward to reading the responses to this thread!!
  3. Still going with the Cabas Piano. I don't like the look of the noe, since I don't like drawstring bags (no one throw anything at me, please :shame: :P ).
  4. I love my petit noe in epi! NOw that i own one, i am looking to buy the cabas piano next! But bottom line, the petit noe is a great great casual bag!
  5. I'm with you Christina...don't care for drawstrings on most purses...except Sak. Cabas Piano is definitely my choice!
  6. I like both =/ I tried on my aunt's Red/blak epi petit noe and I really really want one. Her's is like brand new too so it feels really nice and no sagging! But I also want a Cabas Piano. Heh I'm no use to this thread..
  7. that's how I feel - I want both!
    I like it better, but is it too big?
  9. Petit Noe!!!:love: One shoulder strap is much more comfortable!!!:idea:
  10. i never really like cabas, so i'm opt to noe... i had my petit noe from my mom and it's a nice vintage piece that i treasured
  11. I love my noe, infact I am carrying it today...
    You should try both..
    I don't see as many noe out there compare to Cabas piano or vouis vuitton cabas piano..
  12. I agree!:biggrin::flowers:
  13. If you're thinking about monogram, go for the Cabas Piano. But if you're open to an Epi bag, then definitely get the Petit Noe!
  14. That's exactly what I was going to say. I don't like the mono Noe so much, but I love it in epi.
  15. i'm not crazy about either one, but i prefer the Cabas Piano. i can't stand the drawstring look that the Noe bags have.
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