Another one of my 'pick your favorite bag' polls...


Which one would you pick?

  1. Marc Jacobs venetia in acorn brown

  2. Marc Jacobs stam in taupe

  3. Chloe paddington in chocolate

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hehehe sorry in advance everyone, I'm polling again!!!:p

    Out of these three bags, which do you think is the most versatile, functional and downright lovable???

    Pick your fave!!!!!:nuts:

    1: MJ venetia in acorn
    2: MJ stam in taupe
    3: Chloe paddy in chocolate


    If you could only have one, which would you pick & why?:graucho:
  2. I vote Paddington if you can carry it as a shoulder bag.
  3. count me in:
    Chloe paddy in chocolate
  4. I would have to know a few more facts before making my decision, ie, price and how heavy is the bag. If all things being equal, at this point in my life, I would pick the MJ in Venetia.
  5. MJ stam in taupe
  6. These are the prices that I paid/am paying for these bags:

    Venetia: $515
    Stam: $750
    Paddy: $850

    Would this factor into your choice?
  7. I'm torn between the two MJ's... I really don't like the Paddington, and the MJ's are both nice...
    Stam would be my 1st choice :yes:
  8. OK, so now I have an idea about the prices...but I don't know. I don't love any of these particular bags (at least, not at this very moment).
  9. This always happens to me, my favorite is without fail the most expensive one, go figure...
  10. This is an easy one for me - MJ Venetia!

    I love the Venetia - it's such a classic bag. I don't care much for the other two, and I think they will end up looking dated. (JMHO)
  11. I chose #1, which is really unusual for me to pick the least expensive. I think because I already own the identical Chloe Paddy and because even w/o the lock attached, this bag just seems too heavy. The MJ stam seems to dressy for my tastes, so I chose the most functional one for me.
  12. far the votes are pretty divided....which is confuddling me even more lol!!!!!:p

    When I have all 3 bags with me, I'll takes pics wearing them so you can see them all in use and maybe tell which one suits me better???:yes:

    You all make some very interesting points in your posts, so keep those opinions coming!!!
  13. mj stam in taupe!
  14. Venetia--I think it would be lighter than the Stam or Paddy. Also I don't think the style will ever be dated. The Stam is pretty, tho, in the taupe.
  15. Stam in Taupe... very pretty!!