Another one losing the love for Balenciaga!

  1. I really love the style of Bbags, but I think they are just a little too high maintenance for me. My steel first that I bought at the end of June has some fraying on the part that attaches to the shoulder strap. My money wallet that I bought in May is pretty scratched up on the back, and just today I noticed that the leather on the buckles is really wearing. (I don't carry sharp objects in my bag that could rub against it.)

    I am not hard on my bags, and when I'm not using them, they are in their dustbags. I do expect some wear and tear to show, but not after only a couple of months. These bags and accessories cost way too much money for them to be so delicate. Does anyone else have any of these problems?

    I know most of you have much larger collections than me, so with rotating your bags more often each individual bag gets less wear. I'm going to wait until Spring 2008 to see what Electric Blue looks like, but then I'm probably done. I just can't justify spending so much money on something that's not going to last me for a few years. Sorry for the long post, but I just needed to vent! I wish I didn't have such problems with bags that I really love.
  2. Sorry to hear that. I really have not had any issues with my bbags and I think they are pretty durable. I don't baby mine, but I am careful. I do have several, so they are put through rotation.

    It's normal to see those whitish marks on the leather if you rub up against something. It just brings more character to your bag! However, if you are seeing fraying of the leather or thread this soon, I would take it back to where you purchased it to see if they can have it repaired.
  3. i understand exactly what you mean. ......My anthra has small white faded spots on the back and i have had it less than 2 months!!

    But i cant say im losing the love..... i still love balenciaga bags and will probably get another 2 colors and thats it. Its just toooo scary.........i have really looked after my bag but still???
  4. Sad to hear that you are losing the love. I DO know what you mean though....BBags are not the most well made bags.

    Having said that.... I think MOST people just accept that as part of the brand and live with it because of the touch of the leather and the color variety. Relatively speaking the basic BBag is NOT on the high end financially speaking anymore.

    I think if these bags are purchased with the idea that they will be a "special" bag that is perfect because it is expensive you will be disappointed. That is not what you will get from Balenciaga.

    I personally feel the brand is unique but that these bags are purchased to be worn and show wear.

    If I want a bag that is really well made I carry a different brand. BBags are my casual comfy bags so I don't mind if they look less than perfect....frankly I prefer them that way.
  5. I agree that Bbags are pretty delicate and can show wear relatively quickly, but on the other hand I think that's charasteristic of soft leather. In regards to fraying, fading etc... well yeah Balenciaga should do better!
  6. i've been doing some major thinking and i tend to agree. i have an 05 black city and she's holding up well considering i use her all the time and don't always treat her like the queen that she is (i try, i do! but at the end of the day a bag ends up being a bag to me, balenciaga or not). it's making me rethink my whislist- i want a bag that will age with character but in a way that doesn't have me worried about color fading and fraying...
  7. I didn't realise they were so delicate.
  8. I agree that Bbags are delicate. Based on threads in forums for other brands, we are not the only ones to deal with this problem. However, a few things lately have dampened my enthusiasm for this brand. I hope my love gets rekindled soon. Bal makes some of the best colors out there.
  9. I have to agree, they are delicate but so are some other bags. With Balenciaga you eventually have to ignore a little corner scuffing etc. it's going to happen. However if you don't sit them down and always hang them, it doesn't happen for a long time.
  10. Since I don't use mine that often, I didn't know they can be as delicate as you have described. Now I'm even more paranoid when I carry them out!
  11. Since I have so many bags, mine get rotated A LOT. I have found that the Day bag holds up the best out of the group. You do not have to be that paranoid about the piping alonge the bottom like as you would a City or Twiggy.

    The thing that bugs me is the handles. I rarely carry b-bags by the handles since I am so paranoid of darkening them.
  12. My rouge vf has some minor black spots or "shading" showing through, but other than that, I have had no problems with any of my bags. (yet) I baby my bags though, I never "scoot" them across anything, and I always set them (like a helicopter!:p) down on clean, clean surfaces, or just hold them if that's not possible. I'm way paranoid about these bags because of the expense, but I know sooner or later, they are bound to show some wear. I still love 'em though!
  13. Delicate relative to other brands, yes, but the leather and the colors! That more than makes up for it being delicate IMO
  14. IDK...I don't think they are any worse than other brands....I can really only speak from experience on LV...but with LV, the canvas bags you have to worry about dirt on the piping, a little drop of water on the vachetta will leave a permanent mark on the handles. The Vernis you have to worry about color transfer and fading. With Epi you have to worry about wrinkles. With the new Olympe you have to worry about scratching, color transfer, etc. The hardware tarnishes...sometimes after only a month of wear.
    The list goes on!!!
    I am sure lovers of other brands could speak up too about problems with their brands.
    I mean let's face is a leather is not meant to last a lifetime!
  15. Ooohhh I feel your pain! The thing that I like about bbags is that they come in so many colors/shades to choose from and once they are broken in, they look so gorgeous. But on the other hand, you really have to baby them a lot - sad to say that it is something I can't do all the time. I think once I get a violet and jaune firsts, I'll lie-low with purchasing bbags until the end of the year. (Look at my signature :graucho: lol)