another one has been assimilated...

  1. As I was perusing eLUX LV last night, my 13-yr-old son was looking over my shoulder. He asked me to show him the men's section, so of course I did. He was most interested in the wallets, but we looked around for a while at other stuff. Surprisingly, he wasn't interested in the leather stuff, just the Mono canvas.

    Just before he went to bed, he announced that he has added another item to his birthday wish list (it's coming up in a couple of months). You guessed it - he wants the 6-slot billfold! I told him it wasn't likely, with his tendency to put his wallets in the laundry, but he said he'd be extra specially careful with it. You know I'd love to give him his first LV...I wonder if I could find a gently used one on eBay. Or maybe it would be worth paying full price for the gorgeous packaging from the store? :P
  2. oh man, i'd definitely do it!! get him something used on eBay, and you can see how responsible he is and how he'll take care of it. my daughter (almost 3) loves my LV and I let her play with my old mono speedy around the house for dress up.
  3. OMG That is hilarious! I love that... It's amazing to have such good taste at 13... he must get it from his Mom! :P
  4. why not give him a fake first and see how he handles it at least if it ever went into the washer it wont be a heart breaker :P
  5. hmm...a fake one is NOT a good idea... IMO
  6. hahah what a cute kid :P i would definitely get a "mint" or fresh one but not a new one yet..hehehe:yes:
  7. I would definitely get him an ebay can definitely find ones that have all the packaging (especially an MPRS person who would have the drawer box, tags, etc.)
  8. I second trying to find a reasonably priced one on ebay, incase he does ruin it.
  9. How cute that he showed such interest!! I think getting him one on ebay is a great idea!
  10. There's no way I could give him a fake...we've had many conversations about how to spot fakes, etc. He'd be terribly disappointed if it wasn't the real thing.
  11. Wow, he's got good taste for a 13 year old, I kind of agree with the other about getting him a "starter set" from ebay first and see how he takes care of it. Although nothing beats the feeling of opening a brand new package from LV
  12. well then better take him to a store nearest you cause you want his 1st LV experience to be memorable dont you?

    Decades have passed and I still remember mine vividly :tender:
  13. OMG!!! That is SO CUTE!!!:nuts:
  14. That's awesome. Will he be allowed to take it to school?
  15., that is a really good idea. He did come to the LV in London with me for my first purchase, but a special trip to the LV store just for him? He might love that, and he'd get to pick it out himself. :idea: