Another Onatah Question...

  1. Hi All!

    I am new and new to Louis but have really enjoyed reading (and getting inspired by!) this forum.

    Does anyone know what the squarish Onatah is called (not the hobo) -- it is no longer on eluxury? Pochette Onatah, maybe?? I just got it but have some concerns about that line after reading this board.

    Will it wear well? Is it worth keeping? Also, after bags are gone, do some go well (never worn/used) on ebay? I guess the question really is should I keep it? Should I wait, never use it and sell it on ebay? Or should I return it and get something else great... like maybe the damier pappilon 30? (So far, I only have a Mono Speedy 25 and Wapity White MC.)

    Many thanks for all your help!

  2. im pretty certain it's called the Pochette Onatah. can't comment on the bag's sustainability because i don't own one. but i think it's worth keeping. it's the first time LV made an entire bag out of natural suede. im sure you'll take good care of it ;)
  3. Hey there LV Lover
    Unfortunately I’m a very disappointed owner of a Onatha GM in Yellow.. Check out my tread “LV Drama – Somebody Help” and you will find the disheartening and distressful issues of Suede, esp if you had spend an arm and leg on it.:cry:
  4. Yikes! And thanks, I think that answers the question... back to eluxury it goes. Now, I get to decide what to buy in its place!!