Another oaky thread- oakcare advice please!

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  1. Hi all
    I love my oak bays. She comes to work with me every day and even has her own chair in my office. I am waiting for that gorgeous patina to develop : how long does that take by the way?
    Anyway, there is now a small scratch on the flap, not sure how it got there, and 2 or 3 rain marks despite the collonil and my umbrella from a downpour last week.
    Are there any conditioning creams that keep oak looking nice and even out any little imperfections or does cream darken the leather too much
    Advice from more experienced mulberry ladies very welcome
  2. #2 Oct 6, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2010
    Hi ML,
    I got the collonil gel recently and used it on my oak ledbury. It darkened it quite a bit, but I think it's even nicer now. The skin on my Led was quite dry to begin with (sale purchase and they only had two in stock, this one had nicer leather) which might have had something to do with it darkening. I've used Lord Sheraton (or whatever it's called, it's from Sainsbury's) on my Bays (choc) before, and I don't think that it really feeds the leather in the same way collonil does. My Led had a few scratches which blended a bit with the gel, but they weren't deep to begin with. Sorry I can't help with Patina info, I'm still working on the Led, but my choc Bays took about 6 months!
  3. Thanks pooky83 . Glad to hear your ledbury is looking good. I thought cream/ gel might darken oak. Got to decide if I want to do that as I like the colour at the mo but know it'll darken with time anyway. Will mull on I for a while