Another Noe convert!

  1. On Saturday I bought a used mono petit noe! I had an epi noe, and I liked it, but didn't love it. However, the mono noe at the consignment store spoke to me. So soft and supple, easy to carry and leather with beautifully aged patina.

    If you're looking to try a new bag before the price increase, give the noe a try!!
  2. LOL congrats on your new Noe!.... I guess Irene's the culprit:sneaky: :P
  3. Isnt it just great :smile: I love this bag too.
  4. I am:nuts: I've been stalking them on ebay. I never noticed them before. I would rather have an aged one. I like the slouchiness and how it hangs on shoulder. :P
  5. Congrats! I love noes. I'm thinking about a mono one, perhaps a new one before the price increase.
  6. My mono petit noe is by far my cheapest bag but I just can't seem to get enough of it! I wanted to get rid of it about a month ago but every time I put it on, it just looks and feels right!!! I use it ALL the time!!! I am happy to say that it's going to stay with me FOREVER!!!:graucho: CONGRATS on getting a great bag!!!:love:
  7. Congrats! I :heart: the noe!
  8. I stalk Irenes bags all the time! :graucho:

  9. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Congrats! I am always looking at this bag and wondered if it would be comfortable on your shoulder. Hope you enjoy it!
  11. Great choice - I love the Noe.
    Seriously wanting the MC Petit Noe, not very practical with that vachetta bottom but can't help myself.:shame:
  12. I love my noe coz it's so space/durable/practical/classic at the same time... :heart::heart::heart:
  13. I love Noes too! Pics please!
  14. Yes, Irene has corrupted a lot of us:devil:
  15. I agree! I seriously am wanting a rainbow of noes of all sorts!