Another NM SA Leaves us

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  1. Lisa Hamlin at Troy, Michigan is leaving NM after 6 years. Amy is taking her place. Wow, Steph and now Lisa. Is there something in the water at NM stores?
  2. :wtf: any idea where she is going?
  3. No and neither does she as yet. I received a very nice email from her as I'm sure others will as well. Amy, her assistant, will be the contact person.
  4. :sad:
  5. Omg. Well I hope she's replacing her boss
  6. Oh! Nooooooo! Why? Why?

    :shocked: :cry: :crybaby:
  7. this is crazy! I know NM is starting to really keep track of sales/ SA moves.
  8. Must be bigger and better opportunities. I wish her well for the future.
  9. I'm sad too! I can't believe she is leaving! She was so helpful and sweet!
  10. Aweful! Lisa is one of the few that really knows about Chanel. I hope she will find better job!
  11. Lisa also e-mailed me she explained that she was looking for Job opportunities outside of retail. She is wonderful and will be greatly missed.
  12. sad, but seems like a personal choice...?

    i know right?! they're getting a lil too over paranoid to beat fraudulent actions. even customers are being banned! mostly for suspicious reselling business, some confirmed, yet there are that are simply innocent bag luvers! i know shipping to asia has been suspended too... ouch! :Push:
  13. That's too bad! Lisa is wonderful and I have had the pleasure of shopping with her in person many times. However the Chanel specialist in the Troy store is also wonderful, her name is Jennifer.
  14. What!? Is that true? Though I do not deal with NM, but this is abit too much isn't it? sigh...
  15. With all the bloody resellers ripping off the true Chanel lovers. Yeah, I say, ban the shipping full stop.