Another next purchase planning

What should be my next purchase ?

  • Marc Jacobs Stam Bag

  • YSL Medium Muse Two

  • Mulberry Regular Alexa

  • Others (please specify)

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Jun 17, 2008
Hi Ladies,

I have posted here before for my next purchase planning on this thread:

and would like to say thank you for those who has voted and finally I've got myself a Balenciaga GSH Part time and I've also posted the reveal on Balenciaga sub-forum, as you can see on the thread as below:

again, now I would like to ask your opinion and vote for my next purchase, reason I posted here again because all are from different brands.
I'm currently looking for the bags below $1500 (need to save up some $$$), here are the list of bags that I've in mind:
1. Marc Jacobs Stam Bag (black)
2. YSL Medium Muse 2
3. Mulberry Alexa
4. Others (please give me your input - I would prefer leather bag)

Please help me vote again Ladies and Thank you in Advance :heart:


They're all different... do you have pros and cons for each bag? I'm an MJ girl at heart, but I don't wear stams. I prefer the Cecilia over the stam. The paradise line from MJ this season is really cool, you should check it out. You might like the Rio.

As for YSL, I have the Easy, and I love it. I'm not a fan of the Muse. I'm not familiar with Mulberry.


Jun 17, 2008
declaredbauty: thank you for voting... appreciate it :smile:

thithi: I prefer the bags that are classic and it won't go out of the season :smile:... I'm not sure about the Mulberry alexa, but it looks classic for me... I also like the YSL easy tho...


Jul 24, 2008
I choose YSL cos it is the most timeless and classy IMO
But maybe you want to consider Balenciaga?