Another Newbie!

  1. hi fellow tokidoki lovers!:smile:

    i'm not really new to the site. like pirateprincess on another new thread (i wanna have one of my own for the welcomes lol just kidding) i've been a lurker for a while... about some months ago but i've never posted. i was content with reading all of your girls' posts, they're entertaining and validating. (for my own toki addiction)

    i love tokidoki. i have - original print stellina, playground stellina, playground denaro, playground angioletto, cammo black stellina, cammo black denaro, foresta zucca, cita rosa zucca, cita rosa nuvola, pirata bambinone and spiaggia buon viaggio. i'd have more if i have more money! haha i'm so glad to have found this site... and hope to stay to share our tokidoki thoughts. :smile:

  2. :drool: welcome and you have an awesome collection. Post up pics soon!!
  3. welcome pat :smile: you're gonna have fun in the forum!
  4. Wow, yeah...I don't know that we can count you as a newbie with all that. :biggrin:
  5. thanks guys!! :heart: i forgot to add to my list my stellina inferno and stellina paradiso. (stellina is my first fave style) i'll post my pics later.

    i love your collection! you guys even have every style in every print!
    inferno_back.jpg foresta_front.jpg inferno_front.jpg
  6. Ooo, foresta zucca? You're going to get some major drooling.
  7. yeah... i've read here you guys want some foresta zuccas. i didn't know it was that rare? or scarce?
  8. Yeah, foresta is pretty hard to find now. Especially zuccas and caramellas. :biggrin:
  9. your foresta zucca looks a lot like my BV :] i love the kois!

    and hello! lol
  10. Hi & welcome
  11. oooh u have two highly coveted bags (in my opinion)..foresta AND citta rosa zucca! post pix!!

    n my that's quite a lot of bags still! lolz >P
  12. i'm a newbie too!!! :smile:
  13. Hello, and welcome!;)
  14. Welcome!!

  15. Indeed, drool drool. :drool: That's one cute zucca. :heart: