Another newbie to RM

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I've been lurking here for some time :shame: mostly I am in the Chloe section
    I went ahead and ordered the MAM in Midnight/Pewter from shopbop when it was on sale for $402.50 and I had additional 20% off from a coupon they sent me for my last purchase, so it came out to $322. :yahoo:
    The bag arrived and I absolutely adore it, the size, the shape, the color, just perfect :heart:
    I'm looking forward to buy a white bag, RM will definitely be in my 'preferred' list :yes: Any suggestions on a white bag? I like the Easy Bag and No Strings Satchel, do they come in white?
    Nice to meet you all ;)
  2. hi welcome! i saw a white nikki on sale at tobi if you like a hobo-style.

    sorry i've never seen a white no strings satchel or a white easy bag. i think the no strings satchel only came out in lavender and rosegold? (the rosegold may be the closest to white i can think of.)
  3. There will be a new white color coming out for the fall presale, which starts next week - no color samples yet, but I'm sure it will be avail for several of the bags - hang in there for just a little bit!
  4. I see lots of nice photos of gals wearing the Nikki, but I prefer something smaller, I'm a small person LOL

    Thanks for the great news! I'll definitely wait. :yes:
  5. No Strings satchel comes in a stunning whitewash/rosegold combo!

  6. There is a cream Matinee with white patent.. it's really cute!
  7. Welcome, welcome!

    The Stone color is not quite white, but close, and it's gorgeous! Have you seen it?
  8. Theres the cream MAM from fall 07, rosegold, dusty, stone... and I love the whitewash/rosegold for no strings satchel/clutch and the matinee!
  9. The cream/white patent Matinee, and the LEX clutch (which is small and great for people that don't carry much) are TDF!
  10. Hi Olivia56!
    I think the Morning After Mini (MAM) in stone is adorable, :smile:
  11. Hi Olivia
    The girls recomended the mam to me. I bought one from bluefly this morning. I cant wait to get it
  12. Thanks for everybody's input, the No String satchel whitewash/rosegold & Lex Clutch did caught my eye! I'm going to leave more option open until the presale for fall.

    Today was my first time carrying the MAM out, I feel so great, one of my male friend compliment the bag. :lol:
  13. For white, you should go for the LEX or the dream bag RM has on the site!
  14. Sorry to resurrect my thread, but in search for a white bag, I bought another RM Easy Satchel in Cognac/Brown suede...:noggin:
    I have a good excuse though, I don't have any "darker" brown bags :lol:
  15. LOL that is exactly how the RM addiction starts!

    can't wait to see pics!