Another newbie reveal

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Are you ready for my 2nd reveal? These are from my second trip to H. I don't live that close to one, so I have to make these trips count! ;)
    4259998613_a881254400.jpg 4277367042_2b15c1e367.jpg 4277371698_65b5b6f914.jpg
  2. Am I the first here?? : )
  3. you are neena! thanks for coming to watch!
  4. First up, is something I've wanted since I saw all the gorgeous rainbow pics on TPF- Mini Ulysse in Lagoon!
    4277371942_6489db0857.jpg 4277373436_8265b49277.jpg 4276628389_3d2407e05f.jpg
  5. Bring it on...............
  6. Me too!
  7. We are Ulysses twins!
  8. eliselady - I really LOVE the lagoon color..if I could find a bag this color, I'd be so happy!
  9. This is something that caught my eye with its super bright cheery color!
  10. Lovely Luxegal, more more....!! ; )
  11. Beautiful! Congrats! :woohoo:
  12. Cashmere scarf in Rouge Vermillion... so soft and a lovely bright red. Already starting to pill though..actually, it was kinda like that when I got it.
  13. Beautiful Lagoon Ulysse...Congrats :flowers:
  14. Here is something that I thought would be way too bright and would never go with my coloring...BUT my DH and SA said otherwise, so who was I to argue, right? :shrugs:
  15. more more please, they are so beautiful, many congrats =)