Another newbie question..

  1. Very new to Balenciaga. I've never really been interested in one till I've seen pictures of the new red rouge color. I've been looking for a red bag and I love it. I would like to put my name on the waitlist for a city size, but this isn't the best time for me financially. I can afford but it would be better for me to wait at least a month. Will they be readily available in a month or two or should I just suck it up now before they dissapear and become impossible to find? About how long does that take? Thanks :yes:
  2. I a totally newbie as well. From what I have been reading on the forums - best you suck up and buy it now. The bags are highly sought after. A few months from now you never know - you may be able to buy on the second hand market though which could potentially include a premium.
  3. My suggestion: never spend money you don't have. I'd wait. I always end up feeling really bad after spending alot of money on a bag when I know that money is needed to mend other, usually more important, things in my life.
  4. You should wait. Believe it or not, that bag will be there in a month. If it's not there, it's not meant to be. You'll find it somewhere I'm pretty sure of it though.
  5. ^ I agree with LL & elongreach... I don't like spending money that I don't have (I do use my cc on a regular basis, but only so I can keep track of my expenses, and I always try to pay it off each month--if I know I don't have the money to pay it off, I won't charge it). I don't think the demand on the rouge vif is as high as the blue india this season, so hopefully your bag would still be there a month from now :yes: