Another newbie question about size/color!

  1. Help please!! After going to Neimans this morning, I'm more confused than ever! Love the style of the First but maybe its just a teeny bit small? But yet, the other sizes look huge! I tend to carry smallish/medium bags. Would a First be the best bet for a first (excuse the pun) B-bag? And as for color - I'm drawn to the darker shades so is Black the best? Is Ink no longer sold? Sorry for all the questions from such a Balenciaga novice:smile:
  2. I love the First! I carry quite a lot and it all fits in somehow...
    I think ink is discontinued - but i may be wrong (I only look at the eye-popping colours...)
    Black is such a classic....welcome to the B-world!
  3. I don't carry a lot and I think the first is small. Did you see a box?
  4. I think that the first is small even if you don't carry a lot. It's fine for going out to dinner, or a party, or maybe shopping when you just carry a few things. I am 5'7" and the City and Twiggy are my favorites. I like the Day/hobo but the thin single strap hurts my shoulder when I load the bag with my stuff and I found it hard to find things in.
    I think you can't go wrong with the City, no matter how tall or short you are. She is perfection.:yes:
  5. Hi Lori!!! How are you my dear? I think that a black first is the ideal starter bag. I also tend to like small bags ,and think that the First for a " small" bag is not sooo small, it's great!!! however, if you do carry a lot of stuff around consider the city, it's a great shape that like powderpuff said, suits everyone's frame!!!!
  6. Hi LoriW...I am also a BBag newbie. I decided on a BI First as my first BBag - I loved the size of the bag as most of my bags are on the larger side. Very shortly after I brought my first home, I noticed brown spots on the back of the bag. I brought the bag back and decided to exchange it for the BI City. No regrets, it's a great bag and I am loving it. I just need a Rouge Vif First to come a long and I'll be happy.

    Welcome to this wonderful sub forum. Your First will not be your last.
  7. Isn't there an Ink First on ebay right now ... not sure, but I thought I saw one
  8. I prefer the City to the First, but I am partial to larger bags. I just couldn't possibly condense my life into a First.
  9. If you like to carry a lot of stuff go for the city. My first bbag was a classique (first). It was okay for a while. But when you start to put more stuff in it, it looks STUFFED. The city is roomier and gives you lots of extra space when you need it. The first is good for dinner or somewhere where you don't carry the whole world with you.