**Another newbie here with her first Chanel bag! <3

  1. Hi guys, I'm another newbie here that just got my first Chanel bag, so i am no longer a Chanel virgin. I have been lurking around and leaving comments here and there and finally found the time to finally post pics of my new bag. I didn't think it was possible to still find my dream purse but i did and I am just so excited. I have been longing for this purse for about two years and finally got my hands on one. Here is my.....

    Large black Cambon tote with black patent C's.

    It's exceptionally beautiful and really, I cannot thank anyone but my bf for finding the purse for me and surprising me with it, he knew i've always wanted that purse. Even though i have found the dream purse I am looking forward to my next chanel purchases. What do you guys think my next bag should be? Black GST with silver hw or a black jumbo caviar flap with silver hw? I am so undecided! Anyway, thanks for letting me share my first experience with you guys!
    IMG_0669.JPG IMG_0658.JPG IMG_0663.JPG IMG_0667.JPG IMG_0668.JPG
  2. congrats, great choice for a first
    chanel, I love the patent.
  3. It's a beautiful tote, congrats on your first. I think you should get a jumbo next, the gst is more similair to your cambon as far as style IMO.
  4. Congrats and enjoy...May Chanel fill your closet in a matter of a few short months! hehehehe:p
  5. Looks beautiful. Congrats.
  6. Hi, welcome & congrats!
  7. Thanks! I was definitely thinking the same thing. the GST is gorgeous and roomy but its also a tote and look similar in style, the jumbo flap is pretty, a different style and still big enough to carry a bunch of stuff. I am very undecided right now because i am still not sure if i want both or one or the other because if i get a GST in black i wouldnt want to get a jumbo flap in black either. i'm thinking i just want at least one classic Chanel purse. Do you know how big a jumbo flap really is inside?

  8. Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  9. congrats!
  10. It's lovely...Congrats!
  11. great first bag ! :tup:
  12. This is pretty...congrats on your great find!! I would suggest a Jumbo flap next ...
  13. Yay Retro you posted your pics!! I love the patent Cs so much, that bag was my first choice rather than the white Cs. Holy crap it's gorgeous. That bag is both of our dream bags and our dreams came true finally! I am so happy you got it, you deserve it after waiting so long. Let me know how you like carrying it! Next purchase...now I'm thinking the jumbo flap would be great hehe.
  14. Congrats!!! Very nice.
  15. Congrats! for the next purchase you should get the chanel jumbo flap bag, it a MUST:yes: