another new YSL tote

  1. Hmmm, what do we think of this? It was just posted at, available on pre-order in black, chocolate, white...


    The Chocolate Muse is still my favorite, but I'm thinking about getting a YSL black tote for work too.

    Earlier, I had posted a pic of the YSL "Anais" patent tote...
  2. I like the Maia Buffalo leather bag better.
  3. I think it's interesting looking, but I'd need to know the dimensions. I guess I'lll have to stroll down and take a look.
  4. I like the XL muse much better.
  5. I actually like the look of this bag.. but yeah must know dimensions first to be certain. The leather looks soft and slouchy!
  6. I think there is too much stuff going on there. I love the clean lines of the muse so that's why I would prefer that over the tote I just looked at.
  7. I was them to make more of the bags w/ crosses!
  8. I was sent pics of this bag from my BG YSL SA during the trunk show and actually pre-ordered one but then later cancelled because my heart was with the regular Muse shape and I would rather another color in the regular Muse.
  9. i like it although i have to agree with the other ladies that the XL muse looks better!!!
  10. I'm not too crazy for the design/look of this tote.
  11. Now this bag is featured in the August issue of Bazaar as an "it" bag for fall. Bazaar calls it the "The Rive Gauche," and the Saks web site calls it "The Flapper." I'm pretty sure its the same bag.

    Does Golden or anyone else have more details or pics? I know opinions were mixed here, but I'm kind of interested. Now that I've got a Muse, I'm really hooked on YSL....
  12. Jill, so you are hooked on YSL now.. heehee..!! :biggrin: I saw that article in the last Bazaar mag too (Britney on front). I thought "oops, missed out on a 'hot list' bag... oh well, my bad!". The only pic I had was of the one the SA sent to me (phone pic, so not very good) during the trunk show. I thought I would venture out of my regular Muse comfort zone and so had pre-ordered one because I did think it was interesting looking. But, I then cancelled it because I knew what I really wanted was the large Red regular Muse (as my last Muse purchase... really). I think this bag is one you would have to see IRL to appreciate. :smile:
  13. I like it! It has that soft, slouchy look to it and the leather looks buttery smooth!
  14. the turnlock reminds me of the novak. but still very nice. kinda funkier version of the muse but i have to go with the muse.
  15. Well Golden, you haven't "missed out" yet, in case you change your mind. The bag hasn't shipped yet to the YSLs in NYC or Washington. The Washington SA told me its a fall/winter bag, not pre-fall, so it may not arrive for another month or so. Also, its going to be available in a small size (I think for $1295) and a large size ($1495).

    Here's a pic of a white one from the Saks site (which shows the bag with a strap) ...