Another "new to Chanel" asking for advice post!

  1. I am enthralled with this site, and have been reading like a mad person since discovering it a few days back. I am another new to Chanel handbags girl, and can't wait to decide on (difficult part!) and purchase my first sassy Chanel. I know many are "oh so classic," but I think they can have that fun/sassy vibe as well.

    I suppose I should go with a black bag for the first one, and a medium size as well. Any suggestions would be super, as I live in a rural area, with Atlanta being a 3 hour drive north for me, so I'm hopelessly disadvantaged in the shopping department, other than online, of course!

    Thanks so much for your help. :smile:
  2. Tell us more--do you like the classic flap style or are you more of a tote gal? what size bag do you like to carry?
  3. What kind of bag do you like? Hand held? Shoulder? Give us something to go on!!! ;)
  4. Ooooh, I admit, that was a rather vague post, I apologize...left a very broad realm of potential bags with my complete ommission of any preferences! :smile:

    I like a bit of a variety in bags, but in this instance, I'm sort of thinking medium size, classic, but with a touch of sassy, if that makes sense. I actually think the flap bags can be both fun and old school Chanel looking at the same time...what do you experts think?

  5. i was like you too couple weeks ago, but never regret getting the Black Classic Caviar with Gold hw for my first Chanel.
  6. If you can still get one...Modern Chain Flap!

    A sassy take on the classic!
  7. I just bought a Jumob flap in black Caviar with silver HW. I can't say how much I love this bag.....they call it a Jumbo, but it's not huge...just a nice size. The chain straps are totally adjustable (I like the versatility), and the Caviar won't show wear...yet I think the grainy texture makes it look a bit edgy - (I think so anyway) :yes:

    So this is a classic bag - yet cool looking too!!!!!!!:p
  8. I would say for your first one, go with a classic shape and look...
    so for your consideration, I would suggest
    • reissue bag--black with silver hw in large 277? there are metallics as well:p (I have this in grey, white and the black with gh)
    • classic caviar flap--the two colors that are out right now are a blue jean color and a purple...I am dying for the purple jumbo (Ps I would go with jumbo size)
    • The smaller ritz bag--comes in black patent, grey and another color that I am forgetting...I have in patent and :heart:
    • I also love the modern chain flap bag but it is kinda small so I am not sure if you would be able to use everyday. It may also be hard to find now although I did just see a red at NM at shm in nj. I use mine as an evening bag
    Hope that helps!
  9. The classic flap isn't sassy so much.
    I'd recommend a Reissue, a Luxe Ligne Flap or the Modern Chain Flap {although Rockerchic is right, it's small}

  10. Oh luxe ligne flap or bowler is nice addition, Swanky!
  11. PS. I do think the classic flap can be sassy based on what you are wearing. Personally, I think the jumbo size paired with a really dressed down outfit (jeans, cashmere sweater, stilletos) can look very cool...think the cute little young hollywoods...
  12. Oh, wow! You girls are so incredibly nice and helpful. And I am so excited about gearing up for this new Chanel purchase. :smile: I love the suggestions you have given, and I think you are all right on target with regards to what I'm wanting in a Chanel. This is terrific! Thanks a million.

  13. A patent reissue sounds right up your ally. I'd look around the reference library, see if anything strikes you, then call around and have it shipped. Good luck!
  14. I just bought my first chanel bag a week ago, white classic flap :love: :love: :love: :love:
  15. my first chanel was a small, black caviar flap with silver hardware. love it.