Another NEW Suhali *LE CONFIDENT*

  1. Beautiful, I would love to see this in white though.
  2. Thanks for the picture, Matt! I saw this on her site yesterday --- gorgeous!! From the look book, the price isn't too bad at $2,250 for a Suhali!
  3. mmmmmmmmmm black Suhali.... :drool:

    This bag is hot too!
  4. What a gorgeous bag!
  5. Omg it is beautiful, Louis vuitton has really impressed me with these bags.
  6. Cute but smaller than I'd like for a shoulder bag.
  7. Cute, but I like the clutch better.
  8. hmm...doesn't really float my boat. looks a bit bulky but perhaps i'll change my mind if i see it IRL.
  9. does anybody know if this bag will come out in an other color?
  10. Wow....gorgeous!

    Thanks for posting..
  11. That is beautiful! My new le fab might need a cousin :heart:
  12. I am sure its going to come in a variety of colors! I think the bag is a good size, reminds me of the sologne in MC size? but its HOT!
  13. I think at the beginning they will only release this and the Le Precieux in black and white...but I think sooner or later they'll release it in other colours as well!