another new Miu Miu

  1. What do you all think of this? Pic from Neiman's site; they call it the Miu Miu Napa Spring Tote. And its "only" $950. Anybody seen it IRL??? I'm particularly wondering about the leather quality. (Fyi, also comes in brown.)

    (And Jill, before you say its "ginormous," that's OK with me. I'm actually looking for a BIG black work tote with gold hardware, so this might fit the bill...) :P
    Miu Miu.jpg
  2. i got the med version in brown and the leather is awesome.... so soft and smooth and the brown is like a chocolate brown. I saw the black one but i found it a little big for me but it is perfect for a work bag. plus prada has one too very similar but prob double the price.
  3. Loving it - great price too!:yes:
  4. its lovely! and really looks so soft and smooth!
  5. I've seen this IRL and it is gorgeous! :P The Miu Miu line for fall is really exceptional. I bought the convertible satchel (looks very similar) and love the look and the leather. You should definitely get it; you will not be disappointed!
  6. :flowers: Thanks for the eyewitness reports gals. Much appreciated!
    its got great quality leather and is less than half the price of the Prada one it looks like..go for it...:heart:
  8. ^^^ Thanks Jill
  9. I saw it earlier, and agree that it looks really nice -- and it particularly looks good carried.
  10. That's a gorgeous bag! :love:

    BUY IT! :yes:
  11. Very nice.
  12. love it, too!
  13. never see it IRL... we don't have it in miu miu in my country yet :crybaby: but it looks cute :girlsigh:
  14. It does look lovely - I love big, slouchy bags. And it looks a bit like the new Prada with the lrg strap - even better!

    I also like the little logo on it - its not too brassy, but people can still know that it is designer.

    I might purchase it myself! LOL
  15. I think it's a really cool looking bag! Miu Miu has some very nice looking bags this season!