Another new Kate Spade!

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  1. Having just got my first Kate Spade in February (cobble hill small Ella) and falling in love with the brand my husband surprised me with a brand new cedar street magnolia yesterday in a pop of pink. I love it I think the colour is gorgeous and it will add a lovely touch of colour to outfits in the summer. I have been wondering though if I am too old for this bag! I'm 33 and started thinking maybe this bag is aimed more at late teens and twenties. What does everyone else think I would love to know? Regardless I love the bag and can not wait to wear it!

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  2. the colour is very pretty and fit any age. The design itself is quite classy. I think your hubby is a treasure and both him and the bag is a keeper !
  3. Cute bag & nice job hubby! Not too young for you! You can totally wear this. :smile:
  4. I see nothing about this that is too young. I think it's very classy and elegant. I think it's fine for a 33-year-old. I am 28 and both of my KS have bows on them 😁
  5. I think this is a great bag for any age! Since it's a solid colour and a nice structured Saffiano leather, I definitely don't think it's too young :smile:
  6. A classic piece. I'd wear at any age...PS. Look at my avatar photo. Pink dahlia (the KS twin) Coach dinky crossbody. Enjoy...your husband has great taste.