Another new item for me

  1. Yay I just ordered a groom cles

    i was not sure wether to get the round coin purse or the cless. I opted fo rthe cles..

    Should be here Tuesday YAY :yahoo:

    Which one do you prefer.. The orange or the yellow

    and which one is hardest to get ??
  2. I like the yellow - it's the one I have. You can put a starbucks card and some money in it - the round one isn't as versatile. Congratulations!
  3. the cles!!! yellow!! congrats!:yahoo:
  4. yaay congrats!! I'd get the yellow!!
  5. They got the yellows on Elux, did you order from them or the store (866)
  6. Congratulations!
  7. I love my cles, my keys tuck into it perfectly!!! The round one seems useless...
  8. Congratulations....As usual, I prefer the orange, and mine should be here Monday. Yes, it will be useless, but hey, it's orange.....:jammin:
  9. Congrats.
  10. Congrats!!! :yahoo: I like my yellow one:graucho:
  11. Since I couldn't decide I got both! I plan on using both for looks on my bags w/ lil things tucked away inside. Cloth for eyeglasses, market lists, etc.

    Love the Orange!!!!!! The yellow: I got cuz I've always wanted a why not get a limited one for my 1st? (I have the panda cles, but that doesn't count since you can't put anything inside obviously).
  12. Hi

    Thanks all,

    I got it from

    I cant wai tot get it I love that Groom he he ... I got the bandeau (sp??) yesterday and love it so much and my mum is gett ing the red scard tomoz,

    we are groom mad LOL
  13. I love the rond for the shape, but the cles for are great!
  14. Congratulations!! I wanted to get the Yellow as well, to put my keys in.. but I keep thinking that my keys will scrape the paint off the inside of the cles!!

    Mr Posh Spice, have you noticed any color scrape-off yet?
  15. Congrats!
    I have both....I find the regular cles more functional and the round coin holder more of a decorative purse charm! I personally prefer the round coin holder (orange)....the orange is such a bright vibrant color!
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